Booking Cancellation Website Issue

The Team Locum Website is currently showing the odd isolated, false booking cancellation on our locums’ Dashboards. Our Support team are in the process of correcting this issue, but until it’s resolved, we ask that you please observe and act upon the following information…


The function to inform you of a cancelled booking on the website Dashboard has been temporarily turned off. But you may notice that a confirmed booking has disappeared from your View Bookings page. If you see any indication on the website that one of your bookings has been cancelled, but you haven’t received any other contact from us, please call us on 0121 451 2707, and/or email us at


With all genuine booking cancellations, please be aware that Team Locum will carry out three actions. When your booking has genuinely been cancelled we will:

  • Email you.
  • Text you.
  • Speak to you or leave you a voicemail.

If you haven’t received the above contact, it’s vital that you question any apparent booking cancellation with us.

If you’re in any doubt at all, please contact us as soon as possible. Team Locum does not want any locum to miss out on a booking.

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