Team Locum’s Alternative Festive Message

Lights and Decs in Birmingham

The pool of locums has been deep, the bookings management has been crisp, and the business growth has been… Well not exactly even… In truth it’s shot up like a bauble-clad plastic pine tree in Liam’s Grotto. But we’re going to be seasonal about this, so however tacky, tenuous or thoroughly groanworthy our phrasing turns out to be, you can’t say we haven’t tried.

We’re not royalty (you’ve probably noticed), and it’s not 25th December, so there was always going to be something of the alternative about a festive message from Team Locum. As a company, we are, in any case, rather alternative in nature. For example, whereas many souls are paid to sing carols, we, the Team Locum staff members, are paid NOT to sing them. Indeed, I am additionally paid NOT to bake any variant of seasonal comestible and bring it into work, and it’s rumoured that next year I shall also be paid NOT to attempt to wrap parcels.

But let’s not delay our message with small talk. What do we have to say?… Well, we don’t want to wallow in the misery of not having an office chimney/fireplace arrangement, or whinge about not having the time to write begging letters to some red-coated, pie-munching, beer-guzzling dude in Lapland. We do, however, have an enormous amount of appreciation to extend to everyone who’s helped make 2016 a truly magical year for Team Locum.

Our locums have delivered more than mere gifts. Whether at long, short or zero notice, they’ve delivered a fantastic service to clients and communities across the nation. We want to thank every single one of those intrepid healthcare professionals, who’ve dependably ensured that vital establishments remain fully functional and able to cater for all patients and customers. Healthcare cover is a service that’s often unsung, so, even though we remain strictly banned from physically bursting into song, we’d like, in a figurative sense, to sing the praises of our locums.

Equally, we’d like to bestow a fully gift-wrapped, tinsel-decked helping of gratitude to the vast range of clients who make Team Locum their first port of call when a gap in staffing needs to be filled. We never take the trust of our clients lightly, and even though we’re saying this predominantly dressed as elves with bell-adorned hats and oversized, pointed shoes, you can take us seriously. In 2017 we’ll be continuing our unshakeable commitment to genre leading service. Likewise, we know our locums will continue to be the best of the best – and we guarantee that they’ll never, ever, turn up dressed in a pantomime costume.

For anyone not yet drifting towards holiday slumber, the seasonal picture comes from our home city of Birmingham, back at the dawn of the millennium – the moment in time, in fact, when Team Locum founders Linda and Terry Yearsley were preparing to embark on the project. Nearly sixteen years of hard work later, Team Locum continues its skyward motion, and in response to burgeoning demand, will be accommodating more super-locums and dynamic professionals for permanent placement in 2017.

We must, however, end with a note of caution. This post has, so far, been rather jocular in nature, but this is something extremely important and not to be dismissed with any sort of half-muffled chuckle. It concerns the wellbeing of one and all, and is as critical to observe for clients as it is for locums. Please, whatever you do over the next two week, don’t forget…

Sprouts should be taken in moderation. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about the correct dosages, seek a second opinion at once, and always consult the relevant professional body before ordering. January 2016 brought many a tale of sprout-related woe, and indeed, naming no names, two members of internal staff admitted dramatically over-ordering. Team Locum does not want to encounter a repeat scenario in January 2017, so please, everyone, take the utmost care.

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