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As a locum agency, one of our top priorities is making sure that locum payments are properly claimed. It’s very much in our interests to help our locums receive prompt and correct payment, and we take a pro-active approach to that at various stages in the process.

Most locums receive their payments directly from clients, so technically, the bulk of payments will bypass the locum agency. However, if a locum informs us that a payment from a client is overdue, we’ll step in and mediate with the client, with a view to getting the issue resolved in absolute minimum time. But we’re also very keen to make sure that payment claims are correctly submitted at the outset. This, we believe, cuts out the majority of payment issues before they ever arise.

The larger establishments, be they pharmacy chains, optical chains, or other major healthcare businesses, tend to insist on the use of their own, formatted invoices. We have all of the information relating to these more regimented processes, and once our locums are registered and ready to go, we send them full details. However, these processes and forms are not typically public information, so it would not be appropriate for us to publish details on the open Web.

What we can help with in a broader sense, is those generic invoices which are often needed by locums for the smaller businesses they visit. Those one off independents. Some of the small multiples. We’ve provided a template for this type of catch-all invoice for years, but a template is not always the most convenient medium. The locum has to carry it with them, then print it, then find a pen, etc… And then, if they want to store the invoice for their records or email it to a client’s inbox, they have to scan it, or photograph it… Locums are busy people. We wanted to be of greater help.

Taking the first steps in this quest, we’ve now developed two interactive locum invoice generators: one for pharmacists and pharmacy staff; one for optometrists and optical staff.

They’re fully public, online resources, so their use is not confined to our own registered locums. Whether or not you have anything to do with Team Locum, if you’re a pharmacy or optical locum, you’ll be able to use our generic invoice generators.


We specifically designed our invoice generators to work on a broad range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. We know that locums need mobile accessibility, and that was one of the challenges for us when building the apps. How, for example, does a mobile phone user print an invoice? Print-from-mobile options have become much better structured over the years, but they still depend heavily on the type of printer that’s available, and how it’s connected. And what if there’s no printer available at all?

Our solution was to make the invoices email-compatible. To do the work of the scanner or the camera within the app itself, and convert the output into a JPEG file. This enables the locum to instantly save the invoice as a printable image, and then email it straight to the client’s inbox. No messing with external devices. The locum can even ‘copy/cc in’ her/his own home computer when emailing the client. It’s a quick way to cover all the bases. An electronic record of the invoice is immediately preserved, and if it can’t be printed directly from the phone, it can be printed from any of the recipient locations.


The invoice data is entered electronically, into a standard web form. Enter the correct postcode for the establishment you’re visiting, and the app should be able to complete most of the address for you. Once you’ve entered the data, you simply click the make invoice button, and you have your finished product.

Then you can either print your invoice using the dedicated Print button (which ensures you print only the invoice, and not the entire page), or you can right-click / long-tap on the invoice, select Save from the context menu, and save it. From there you can email your invoice to the client as a standard attachment or embed. The whole process is very simple, and the more you use it, the more it will become second nature.

Importantly, we do not collect any personal information with this app, or insert ads into your invoices. This is a professional service for professional people. We should stress, however, that some browsers may by default add the page title to your print.

So, all you need now are the links to the pages…

If you’re a pharmacy locum, it’s this page…

Invoice Generator (Pharmacy Locum)

And if you’re an optical locum, this page…

Invoice Generator (Optical Locum)

We sincerely hope these resources help.

Locum enquiries… 0121 451 2707
or visit the TEAM LOCUM HOMEPAGE for more info.

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