Tailored Permanent Recruitment For Optometrists & Opticians

If you’ve dealt with permanent recruitment agencies in the past, you may feel you know what to expect. After all, the phrase “recruitment agencies” often conjures up a particular mental image. You may, for example, find yourself visualising a mechanical, copy-and-paste environment, heavily focused on quantity, and perhaps not averse to the odd bit of […]

Locum + Adverse Weather = Snowcum

Is it a bird?… Is it a plane?… Nope. So, Superman then, right?… Wrong! Just when you thought you’d assimilated every conceivable superhero into your world picture, along comes another. But this character does not step out of comic books or far-fetched action movies with breathtaking catering budgets. No, this character is a real-life person, […]

What To Do When Your Pharmacist Doesn’t Turn Up

It can happen so unexpectedly. One minute your pharmacy has a pharmacist. The next, it doesn’t. But what do you do when that unexpected circumstance hits you, out of the blue? Well, if anyone knows about dealing with emergencies in the world of pharmacy, it’s us at Team Locum. We’d advise… Nay, beg any pharmacy […]

Pharmacy Technicians in the Locum World

Photo © Team Locum. For illustrative purposes only. The role title conjures up visions of a supreme, introverted boffin, processing pharmaceuticals in a scientific lab, away from the public gaze. But in the community, pharmacy technicians really come into their own in busy public settings, where there’s strong demand for patient-facing interaction. Indeed, people skills […]

Twitter And The Healthcare Professional

Needless to say, Twitter is an incredibly popular social media platform. But, like Facebook, it’s also a platform which has transcended the bounds of the Internet, to appear in mainstream media and on television on a daily basis. Some people, and some organisations, swear by it, whilst others are less enthusiastic. But can individual healthcare […]

Locum Agency Registrations: Is Quickest Best?

In a world of ever-increasing convenience, we’re conditioned to take the quickest option every time. As information technology strives to make our online experiences evermore bite-sized, we inevitably expect a one-sentence, one-click solution to our every need. But should this expectation also apply to work-related procedures? Should a locum pharmacist or optometrist, for example, choose […]

The Impact of Cancellations in the Locum Business

Meet Mr L. He’s a locum pharmacist, working through an agency, and he has a booking confirmed for today. But brace yourself… there’s a problem… At the very last minute, Mr L’s cousin’s girlfriend’s parrot has turned upside-down. This has never happened before. She’s distraught, and she’s requested the locum pharmacist’s presence for support and […]

Should Internet Tech Giants Become Our New Healthcare Champions?

In a quarter of a century, the Internet has grown from a dark and obscure exchange of geekery, into the very hub of social interaction, entertainment and commerce. And as we’ve become more dependent on the World Wide Web, the relatively new environment has increasingly been seen by ambitious entrepreneurs as a route to unprecedented […]