We are here to support locums and clients alike. We appreciate that being a locum can sometimes be an isolated existence and we want you to know that the Team Locum family are always prepared to lend a listening ear and to support you through ‘thick and thin’.

From a client perspective we understand how important your business is to you. Our aim is to get your business to work as seamlessly as possible even when your regular staff are out, providing as perfect a match for your practice or pharmacy as possible.

So whether you’re experiencing anxieties regarding going into an unfamiliar store, or have queries regarding the suitability of a locum for your practice, Team Locum are on-hand via telephone and e-mail to offer confidential advice and perspective free of judgement and charge. It’s part of the service we offer all we work with as we push to make the UK’s healthcare industry a more inclusive and approachable landscape.