Team Locum Client App – Add Vacancies

The Add Vacancies page is where you add your new booking requests – either one by one, or in bulk. The page can always be accessed via the main menu at the top of your screen, as shown below…

Choose a Page Add Vacancies

Once you’ve selected the Add Vacancies option you’ll go to a page with the heading Add Bookings

Bookings Page 1

Here you’ll have the means to add one booking request at a time, or to add up to 100 booking requests in a single swoop.

Let’s start with a look at adding your booking requests one by one.

Beneath the Location and rate heading, you’ll find a drop-down list. This list will automatically be populated with every store you manage or oversee. Even if you manage just one store, you’ll need to select it from the drop-down list. Once you’ve done that, you can set the date and time you require, specify the rate you’re paying, pop in your lunch arrangement, and add any extra details you need us to know.

As soon as you’re happy with everything you’ve entered, tap the Add Vacancy button to send your request directly through to our Bookings Team. The whole process is illustrated in the screen shot below…

Adding a single booking with text

After you hit the Add Vacancy button, you’ll see a summary of the details you’ve entered. As part of the summary, you’ll see a list of qualifications the locum will need for the booking, based on our internal records of your requirements. If any of the qualifications are missing or unnecessary, or if any other information is incorrect, please contact Team Locum on 0121 451 2707.

With your request submitted, our Bookings Team will of course pounce on your request and begin working on it for you.


Now let’s move onto adding booking requests in bulk.

This is a fantastic feature for store co-ordinators or regional managers who look after a substantial number of stores. In brief, here’s a preliminary overview of how you use the feature. Please note that you’ll need Microsoft Office (with Excel) on the system you’re going to use…

  • Download a special Excel spreadsheet from the Add Vacancies page within the app. The special spreadsheet already contains details of your stores, with their ID references and so forth, meaning that your data, when you upload it, will be fully compatible with the app and our internal systems.
  • Populate your downloaded spreadsheet with the bookings you’d like us to fill – up to 100 in a single sheet.
  • Upload the spreadsheet, and the Bookings Team will get working on your gaps with their usual obsessive urgency.

Because you’ll be using a spreadsheet, it may be better to complete this process using a desktop computer or tablet rather than a very small mobile device. Let’s now break down the above process and detail the individual steps…


Downloading your spreadsheet is simple. Make sure you’re on the Add Vacancies page, and then tap or click the Download your booking template link, as indicated in the image below…

Download Template

Now simply save the .xls file to a location of your choice.


Open your downloaded .xls file. You may need to enable editing within the file in order to make changes. You’ll see a layout similar to the one below, with headed columns.

Excel sheet 1

The first column (Location) has a drop-down selector, which allows you to select from your stores. If you manage one store, there’ll just be a single item in the drop-down. But please do select from the drop-down rather than typing in the store name, as the drop-downs will always have the correct formatting. The Accommodation provided column also has a drop-down, allowing you to select a Yes/No answer. The final column (reserved for an ID number) should populate itself once you’ve selected a store from the drop-down in the first column.

When you select the other columns, each will give you advice on the right type of format to use. You can see in the above screen-shot, what the little advice tips look like. The one shown is advising on the correct date format.

To add a booking, complete all the columns, following the format advice for each field. Here’s an idea of how your bookings spreadsheet would look with information entered…

Example Spreadsheet

When completing your spreadsheet, please make sure of the following…

  • That all the columns contain information in the specified format.
  • That the final (ID) column has automatically filled in an ID number for each booking. In the very rare event that the final column doesn’t show one of our five digit numbers when you’ve selected your store, please call us on 0121 451 2707 for assistance.

Provided everything is in keeping with the above, you’re ready to upload…


Uploading your spreadsheet is another very easy task.

Once again, from the Add Vacancies page, hit Browse, locate your file, select it, and the hit the Upload button to upload.

Upload Spreadsheet

When your upload is complete, you’ll be presented with a verification page, displaying all of your information. you can change anything you feel needs changing from here…

TL Client App Post Header Image

Once you’ve okayed the details on the page above, the monthly list of Unfilled Bookings will appear for you automatically. This is actually the View Bookings page. You can see how it looks in the image below…

Bookings List

When you return to the Dashboard, you’ll also see all your new, unfilled vacancies displaying there – unless the Bookings Team have already begun filling them for you of course. This is the desktop view of the Dashboard, contrasting with the mobile version we showed you earlier…

Unfilled bookings on Dashboard


If you’re going to be copying and pasting data from a spreadsheet of your own to the spreadsheet you downloaded from Team Locum, you may need to be aware of the Excel date systems. This doesn’t apply you’re simply typing your information directly into the Team Locum spreadsheet.

There are two date systems for Excel spreadsheets: 1900, and 1904. When you download your template sheet from the Team Locum website, it will be set to use the 1904 date system. But spreadsheets which originate on your own computer may be set for the 1900 system. If this is the case, and you’re copying and pasting date information from your own spreadsheet to the Team Locum spreadsheet, the dates you paste across will be incorrect by four years.

Here’s how you change the date format of an Excel Spreadsheet…

Ensure that editing is enabled on the spreadsheet (clicking the Enable Editing button if it appears on the screen). Then, from the File menu, select Options, as circled red in the image below…

Example Spreadsheet options

This will present you with a dialogue box. Within this box, select the Advanced tab, and then scroll down through the options until you can see a tick box for Use 1904 Date System. There’s an illustration with red circling below…

Example Spreadsheet 1904

Adding single bookings through our app is very simple indeed. We recognise that using the spreadsheet to upload in bulk is more complicated, but once you’re familiar with the process it does speed up the addition of multiple bookings enormously. If you need any help with getting started, don’t hesitate to get in touch on our usual number – 0121 451 2707.


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