Team Locum Client App – View Bookings

The View Bookings page gives you an up-to-the-minute documentation of all the bookings you’ve requested, including the dates, times, and as soon as we’ve filled the booking, the allocated locum. You’ll see at a glance how the locum vacancies you’ve submitted to us are progressing.

To access the page, select View Bookings from the main menu at the top of the screen, as illustrated below…

Choose a Page View Bookings

Here’s the type of vision you’ll see when you first land on the View Bookings page…

View Bookings Page

You’ll notice that the page has two tabs: Unfilled Bookings, and Filled Bookings.

These two tabs display the locum requests you’ve made. The status of each request dictates the tab within which it will appear. If we’re still looking for a locum for you, your request will appear in Unfilled Bookings. Once we allocate a locum, the booking automatically transfers to the Filled Bookings tab. Here are some locum requests showing in the Unfilled Bookings list.

Bookings List

Because no locum has yet been allocated, the only information you see in the list is the date, the time and the name of the store. You’ll notice that the store name (in this case “Specimen Client 2” – our dummy store) shows as a red link. When you hit that link, you’ll see full details of your booking request, including the required accreditations, etc.

However, when we fill a booking and it automatically transfers over to the Filled Bookings tab, the name of the locum will also appear in the main list. It’s a great way to overview the general picture of your bookings with Team Locum, and instantly determine precisely which locums are going to which stores.

Additionally, you can hit a link on any item within the Filled Bookings list, and access a full resume of the information specific to that booking. Here’s an example…


You can see how the required qualifications are listed, and the locum’s name appears along with his or her professional registration number. And now that the locum’s whereabouts are known, the app can calculate an approximate travel mileage.

Furthermore, a new section has been added for feedback. This will enable you, once the locum has completed the booking, to let us know what you thought.


It’s very simple to add your feedback via the above screen. You will, however, need to decide whether or not to share your feedback with the locum. If you only submit the feedback to Team Locum, we will of course act upon the information you provide when supplying your store in future. However, for negative feedback, we’d strongly recommend sharing the information with the locum, because that enables us to hear both sides of the story. You can select your desired option by either ticking or unticking the small This is OK to share box.


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