New Feedback Function

We are delighted to introduce our new ‘feedback function’ so that you can let us know how you are getting on at work. It couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is log onto your schedule, highlight the booking you want to feedback on, and click the ‘i’ button. This takes you […]

Mileage for Morrisons

Morrison’s are no longer paying any travel expenses unless the circumstances are exceptional, in which case travel expenses will be agreed in writing on your work schedule update. If there is no mention of travel expenses on your work schedule for any Morrison’s booking you have agreed to, then you can’t claim anything for travel. […]

July industry update

Rates of pay we know are dear to your hearts and the market place has been very challenging of late. We’re working very hard to maintain good work opportunities for you all whilst keeping daily or hourly rates at a reasonable level.

How to enjoy locum life

Working as a locum optometrist or pharmacist can be a really rewarding career choice. How well it works for you is mostly up to you. Professionalism, flexibility, reliability, punctuality are the locum watchwords.