The Impact of Cancellations in the Locum Business

Meet Mr L. He’s a locum pharmacist, working through an agency, and he has a booking confirmed for today. But brace yourself… there’s a problem… At the very last minute, Mr L’s cousin’s girlfriend’s parrot has turned upside-down. This has never happened before. She’s distraught, and she’s requested the locum pharmacist’s presence for support and […]

Should Internet Tech Giants Become Our New Healthcare Champions?

  In a quarter of a century, the Internet has grown from a dark and obscure exchange of geekery, into the very hub of social interaction, entertainment and commerce. And as we’ve become more dependent on the World Wide Web, the relatively new environment has increasingly been seen by ambitious entrepreneurs as a route to […]

Who Was The First Locum on the Internet

Every so often, there comes along a challenge that looks deceptively easy. But as you start to examine the challenge more closely, it begins to look tougher and tougher, until in the end, you’re left thinking it’s next to impossible. One such challenge has come to light this week. Its name?… “Find The First Locum […]