Locums on the frontline

Locum on the frontline, Key workers one and all Its been a long and gruelling year has 2020, certainly for a locum. We came into it with such hope it would be better than 2019 but its been a real kick in the… lets go with teeth for us all. But it doesn’t get much […]

Combating Loneliness as a Locum Pharmacist

Combating Loneliness while doing locum work According to studies, up to 40% of self-employed people say they have felt lonely since deciding to work for themselves. It’s a figure that’s hard to ignore and as a locum optometrist or locum pharmacist it’s likely that you will come under that self-employed bracket. So what can you […]

A Permanent Role 9 Things to Know!

Permanent Role, should I stay or should I go now? When looking into taking a permanent role, there are many things to consider! Will I make as much money? Will I have as much freedom? What will I need? Who can help me? Here is our list of 9 reasons to take a permanent role […]