Combating Loneliness as a Locum Pharmacist

Combating Loneliness while doing locum work

According to studies, up to 40% of self-employed people say they have felt lonely since deciding to work for themselves. It’s a figure that’s hard to ignore and as a locum optometrist or locum pharmacist it’s likely that you will come under that self-employed bracket. So what can you do to stave off those feelings of loneliness that all too often effect people doing locum work? 

Now it might be a but trickier in this current climate, the world has flipped turned upside down. Covid has thrown a spanner in the works and is effecting people in a multitude of ways, mental health being a big one so now is a good a time as any to take action in helping each other get through these tough times.

 Networking events Boring? Maybe, but more often than not you’ll find these little events quite helpful. These may be impossible at the minute but things will get better and we will be able to be social and network again! They will give you a chance to meet with other like minded individuals, fill your address book with potentially important contacts, and there is always the chance you’ll end up down the pub, win-win. Plus, it’s generally a good idea to have friends who are also locum pharmacists as you can pick each other’s brains and tell each other about suitable shifts you’ve seen, not to mention you can nominate each other as references when you sign up with locum agencies.

Take up a hobby – I know what you’re thinking ‘how on earth will I have time to take up a hobby?!’, but hear me out. As a locum pharmacist your time is valuable, luckily there are numerous hobbies that require minimum time consumption. Running and other similar fitness activities

Continue learning – Why not sign up for a course? There are plenty of adult courses across the UK from foreign languages to floristry, whatever takes you fancy. You’ll earn a new qualification or skill and they can be done completely online!

Get out in the fresh air regularly – A bit of fresh air and sunlight can lift anyone’s mood. I’m joking about sunlight of course, we live in the UK, but taking a minute to have a breather in a stuffy pharmacy will do you the world of good. Even just opening a window or two will benefit you.

Socialise after work – After a long day doing locum work no one would blame you for wanting to crash out, but you should try to muster up the energy to socialise if you can, now though we are limited to zoom and WhatsApp call but who knows, we will be down the pub soon enough!

Keep in touch when working away – There are numerous benefits to locum work on a stay away and as a locum pharmacist or locum optometrist you may often find yourself in far off locations. It’s likely that you’ll miss your friends and family when working a block of locum shifts so it’s important to keep in touch with them. When the working day is done make some time to ring or video call them.


With these handy tips you’ll be able to fight off the loneliness and make the most of your time as a locum pharmacist!


If you are finding yourself struggling there are plenty of places you can turn to for help such as Pharmacist Support.</h3

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