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Where, when, what and how are we looking at Pharmacy Jobs

Pharmacist, Taunton
Pharmacist, Birmingham
Pharmacist, Skegness
Pharmacist, Maidstone
Pharmacist, Swindon
Pharmacist, Bristol
Pharmacist, Northampton
Pharmacist, Nottingham
Pharmacist, Salisbury
Pharmacist, Hereford
Pharmacist, Ipswich
Pharmacist, Maidstone
Pharmacist, Liverpool
Pharmacist, Gloucestershire
Pharmacy manager, Leicester
Pharmacy manager, Nottingham
Pharmacy manager, Gloucester
Pharmacy manager, Liverpool
Pharmacy manager, Swindon
Pharmacy manager, Buckingham
Pharmacy manager, Bath
Pharmacy manager, Devon
Pharmacy manager, Blackpool
Pharmacy manager, Portsmouth
Pharmacy manager, Tunbridge wells
Pharmacy manager, Ipswich
Pharmacy manager, Coventry
Pharmacy manager, Wolverhampton
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Derby
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Sheffield
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Oxford
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Lincolnshire
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Worcestershire
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Worcestershire
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Derbyshire
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Warrington
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Shrewsbury
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Derbyshire
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Dudley
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Manchester
Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist, Milton Keynes

Why does Grant have so many pharmacy jobs?

A word from our permanent recruitment manager Grant Smillie;

“Over the last 6-7 months we’ve seen a massive increase in companies needing to use agencies for their staffing needs. Previously a lot of companies – especially independents and smaller multiples – were happy to recruit for themselves, just as they have done for the last however may years.

However, things have changed and these companies who have traditionally done things this way for years are now needing help. Two points to touch on as to why this is.

Firstly, touching on the obvious – there is a national Pharmacist shortage.

This of course naturally makes things harder. Quite simply the lower the supply, the higher the demand and when those demands can’t be filled companies need to look inwards and re-analyse.

This puts a lot more “power” in the Pharmacists hands too, so if a company does manage to find a Pharmacist on their own then a lot of the time that Pharmacist has so many options out there right now that they have other interviews lined up. Secondly and finally the work life balance.

Since COVID has started quietening down a bit and things have started to go back to normal a massive emphasis is now the work life balance. Previously a Pharmacist might have been happy to work 5 days per week and give up their half day Saturday’s, that isn’t the case as much anymore now.

A lot of candidates after so long being able to spend time with people they want to, now for example would want to work three days per week and have those extra days off to spend with family, or locum if they choose to.”

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