Information for Clients

Overview For Clients
A succinct introduction to Team Locum, our capabilities and our caring approach.
Who Runs Team Locum?
We’re run by highly experienced healthcare professionals, and here’s why we feel that matters.
How to Book a Locum Pharmacist
What should a client expect when seeking to book a locum pharmacist for the first time?
The Team Locum Client App
Our Client App is making the process of requesting locums even easier. Read all about it!
Our Philosophy
The Team Locum philosophy. Three values which explain why our reputation for service is so high.
FAQ For Clients
Answers to the questions our new clients most commonly ask.
Emergency Cover
A detailed and candid insight into how our lightning-fast Bookings Team fill bookings at short or zero notice.
Permanent Optometry Recruitment
In 2016, Team Locum added permanent recruitment to its existing range of locum services.
Facebook Search for Other Healthcare Candidates
A free, targeted Facebook search for various types of healthcare candidate. This resource cuts out the recruiter spam and takes you straight to the people you’re looking for.
Contact Us
We welcome feedback and all of your enquiries. Here’s how you can get in touch.