Quit dreaming; start locuming

People’s professional desires are changing. No longer does the idea of being a ‘lifer’ much appeal to the majority of today’s younger workforce. Rather, mobility and work-life balance are two of the key concerns for ‘millennials’ when choosing a career- positions that allow the potential for consistent earning, whilst being flexible in their demanded hours, […]

A Nifty Career Advancement Shortcut For The Pharmacist

In most careers, thoughts turn pretty quickly to the question of professional advancement. But for the pharmacist, that question can prove difficult to answer. The obvious step is a move into the role of Pharmacy Manager, but how would one accomplish such a feat? Most career-based advice tends to focus on making an impression, adopting […]

We’re getting social!

Team Locum has started social networking and has set up Facebook and LinkedIn profile pages! Team Locum has ventured out into cyber space in order to better understand the current pharmacy and optometry market so that we are always offering you the best options and the best rates. We are looking for all our locums to join […]