The Team Locum Web App For Clients

It may have been a well-kept secret for some time, but more and more Team Locum clients are discovering the benefits of the Team Locum Client App.

TL Client App Post Header Image

  • Our app is designed to make the business of requesting locums much more convenient, and to provide an up-to-the-minute filled/unfilled status for all of your booking requests.
  • You’ll be able to see at a glance how quickly our Bookings Consultants are allocating locums to your shifts, and if you’re ever unsure which locums are on their way to which stores, you’ll be able to check in moments.
  • You can add locum vacancies to the app at any time, secure in the knowledge that they’ll drive straight through onto our Bookings Team’s own systems.
  • You’ll find the app even more useful still if you need to request locum cover in bulk.
  • And whether you’re on the move with your mobile or tablet, or at the office with your desktop system, our app’s universal compatibility means you’ll always have the access you need.


Getting started couldn’t be more simple. It takes just one quick phone call to our office, on 0121 451 2707, to request a website/app account. From there, we’ll do everything that needs to be done. We’ll set up a login, ensure all the details you need are ready for you, and send you a confirmation when your account is ready to use. No filling in sign-up forms – we do all the data entry for you.

We’d like to stress that the app is an addition to the existing communication facilities you have – and not in any way intended as a replacement. We’re always going to be at the end of that phone, but we know that so many clients need more access to information, round the clock, along with the scope to speed up the process of adding booking requests.


Please bear in mind that we’ve primarily used the portable version of the app to prepare this guide. The screen views you’ll see in portable mode differ from those in the desktop version. But don’t worry – the same features will appear however you use the app, and we’ll always send you the desktop-focused guide when we confirm that the setup of your account is complete.


We’ve split the guide into three sections – the first of which appears on this page. We’re going to look first of all at the basic functions of the app, including…

  • The Dashboard
  • The Navigation System
  • Your Profile Page
  • The Feedback Page

This will document everything except the bookings pages. At the end of this introduction, we’ll link you to separate sections of the guide, which will fully detail the process of using the Add Vacancies and View Bookings pages.

So, without further ado, let’s start at the beginning…


The first thing you’ll be needing to do after your account is set up, is log in. We’ll give you instructions for this in the account confirmation email we send you.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll go straight to your Dashboard. Your Dashboard displays a snapshot of your account at the moment you log in, as well as providing you with the means to reach all other pages within the app.

The side-by -side screen shots below cover a Dashboard page for a dummy account, and give you an idea of the information you can see. The view on the left is the one you’d initially see when logging in on a mobile phone. To reach the view on the right, you’d simply swipe down. There would typically be more information shown for a real, active store…

Full Dashboard

You can see that the Dashboard is divided up into sections. The sections contain relevant data about your unfilled and filled bookings. But you’ll also notice that a lot of the text displays in red. Every piece of red text is a link. These links come in addition to the main navigation system – which we’ll explain next…


You can access the app’s other main pages using two navigation options on the Dashboard Page…

1. Your Profile is accessed via a special link at the top right of the screen. You can see this link indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below…

Dashboard Menu Profile

2. The pages relating to your store(s) are accessed via the main drop-down menu at the top of the page. Again, we’ve pointed it out with a yellow arrow…

Dashboard Menu Main


Profile Page

Your Profile page shows the main data for you as a Team Locum client. Your name, your business contact address and telephone number, email address, etc, are displayed here. You’re able to edit this data using the red Edit links, but because the page is linked with our main system, and we keep our main system up-to-date with the very latest information you’ve given us, most clients find they never need to make any updates to their Profile page themselves. If you’ve let the office know that your store address(es) is/are changing, our staff will automatically have amended the data on our systems. That will, in turn, automatically update your profile within the app.

There’s a facility to upload a photo. But don’t worry – it’s entirely your choice as to whether or not you add one.


The Feedback page offers an instant means for you to review the feedback left for you by locums who’ve worked at your store(s). Here’s the way it looks…

Feedback Display

You can also add your own feedback on the locums we’ve placed with you. However, that feedback would be added from the Filled Bookings tab of the View Bookings page – which is one of the two main function pages we’re covering in the other sections of the guide.

Here’s a quick look at the facility though…


If all of that looks pretty straightforward, it’s time to explore the rest of the app…


Hit the buttons below to access the other pages in this guide…

This is where you submit all your booking requests to Team Locum. You can add one at a time, or in bulk.
This page allows you to view all of the booking requests you’ve submitted to Team Locum.