The Locum’s Guide to the Team Locum App

Looking for a smart way to organise your work life? The Team Locum app is the only thing you’ll need. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to plan your work whenever and wherever you choose.

From this very page you can access a full guide to using the Team Locum app. We’re going to focus on the mobile version, because that will be the most accessible and portable option for most locums. But the tablet and desktop versions incorporate all the same features. They just display differently according to screen size.

Before we dive into the detail, here’s a summary of what you can do with the Team Locum app…

  • Keep us informed on the days you’re not free for work: we won’t try to book you when you’re on holiday!
  • Review your calendar at a glance: see when and where you’e working – including travel distance, rates and lunch breaks.
  • Search bookings by distance: you get to choose how far you want to travel.

  • Quickly apply for vacancies: just click the Apply button and you’re done!
  • View and (on the desktop version) print your work schedule: no more scrabbling around at the last minute trying to remember where you’re working tomorrow. Not that you do that, of course 🙂

You don’t have much time to arrange future bookings, and it doesn’t look good if you’re on the phone when you’re at work. The Team Locum App is the answer.

If you have a minute free you can use your phone to check vacancies or update your availability. At lunch time you can check your bookings calendar, which we’ll update with bookings. If your personal calendar has changed, you can quickly update your availability in the App.

You’ll be happy, we’ll be happy and the clients will be happy. Its win, win, win!


For easy consumption, we’ve divided up all of the main areas of the app into sections. This will enable you to zip straight to an area you need help with, but we’d recommend reading all of the sections if you’re unfamiliar with our app. Each page of the guide links to the other pages, so you won’t need to keep returning to this landing page if you want to read the whole guide in order.

We’ve stressed previously that the web app is a key part of a successful locum’s toolkit. We would, however, like to stress again how much difference using the app typically makes to a locum’s success rate. It’s not just a matter of being able to apply for exclusive bookings – some of which will never be sent out to our locums by email… The app also serves as the number one means by which locums can communicate their availability to the Team Locum office. Locums who keep their availability up to date get more work.

Hit the buttons below to go to your chosen pages in the guide…

An introduction to the Team Locum app, giving an overview of its features, plus access to the full, section-by-section user guide.
This is where you’ll go after logging in. You can see an information summary and access all of the app’s other pages from here.
This is where you change your personal details, and add, update or download accreditations.
This is where you access your online calendar, set your availability and keep an eye on your booked dates.
This is where you can search newly-added bookings and apply for the ones you want.
This is where you can gain a quick overview of your most recent booking confirmations and other activities, or read and leave feedback.
Having difficulty? The Troubleshooting section documents common issues and explains how you can address them.