Our Philosophy

Working with you over the years we have learned that you are looking for a personal, consistent, fine tuned and speedy service. Our aim is to make sure that every locum and client feels loved, safe and able to do their best work all of the time.


As a family business we are looking to welcome you into the Team Locum family.  We will do our best for you and in return we know that you will share our values of loyalty, service and commitment. Together we can deliver the very best to all of our clients.


Busy, frenetic, manic… these are words we hear every day from both clients and locums and we understand the pressures you’re working under. We see our role as that of enabler providing you with an effective service, which saves you time whilst offering stability, security and efficiency.


As healthcare professionals we have a duty of care to our clients and our knowledge of the industry and good practice help us to keep you safe and able to deliver a consistent high quality service.

As if that’s not enough, we’ve got a brand-spanking new web app…

See how it can make you a better locum!