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As an agency for Locum Pharmacists and Locum Optometrists, we are the UK’s largest agency supplier to the Pharmacy and Optometry industries

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Locum Life

The Impact of Cancellations in the Locum Business

September 19, 2016

Meet Mr L. He’s a locum pharmacist, working through an agency, and he has a booking confirmed for today. But brace yourself… there’s a problem… At the very last minute, Mr L’s cousin’s girlfriend’s parrot has turned upside-down. This has never happened before. She’s distraught, and she’s requested the locum pharmacist’s presence for support and […]

Should Internet Tech Giants Become Our New Healthcare Champions?

September 13, 2016

In a quarter of a century, the Internet has grown from a dark and obscure exchange of geekery, into the very hub of social interaction, entertainment and commerce. And as we’ve become more dependent on the World Wide Web, the relatively new environment has increasingly been seen by ambitious entrepreneurs as a route to unprecedented […]


Come rain, hail, sunshine or Saturday we have had a dedicated professional arrive daily without fail, it is a truly first class service!

Says Nick Gompels, MRPharmS, Warndon

Thank you for finding me a booking at such short notice and so near to home!! Just want to say I really appreciate all the hard work that Mark and everyone else do into making these bookings.

Says Zafran Ilyas – one of our locums

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