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This page sets out the relevant cookie information for the Team Locum website. It should be read in conjunction with Team Locum’s full Privacy Policy, which provides further privacy-related information.


The Team Locum website uses cookies to help provide a high quality experience for both logged in users and visitors, to accomplish some tracking functions, and to achieve required levels of functionality. Cookies are small text files which are placed on, and read from your computer or device. Most Internet browsers will allow you to block cookies, should you so wish. However, because cookies are key to certain aspects of functionality, it will not be possible to use all of the site’s features without accepting cookies. In using the Team Locum website, you consent to the use of cookies in all instances where you have not taken specific steps to block them.

Here is a breakdown of the cookies you should expect your computer or device to encounter when you use the Team Locum website…


The Team Locum app is the secure area of the website used by those who have created or requested a log-in, or are in the process of signing up. Based on its need to remember information from one page to the next, the app uses cookies. Here is a list of cookies set/read by the Team Locum app.

NameSource and NatureLifespan
_teamlocum app dev web cookieSession only web cookieSession only


The Team Locum website employs the tracking utility Google Analytics to help determine visitors’ preferences and ultimately, to help improve the visitor experience. If your browser allows, Google Analytics will set and read cookies on your device. Here is a list of Google Analytics cookies site users can expect to encounter. This will apply whether or not site users are logged in…

NameSource and NatureLifespan
__utmaGoogle Analytics web cookie2 years
__utmtGoogle Analytics web cookie10 minutes
__utmbGoogle Analytics web cookie30 minutes
__utmcGoogle Analytics web cookieSession only
__utmtGoogle Analytics web cookie6 months

You can gain a greater insight into the precise function of each of these cookies via the following link…


The Team Locum site incorporates Uservoice, which requires the use of the following cookies to check whether cookies are enabled, and to provide a unique identifier…

__uvtUservoice web cookie12 months
uvtsUservoice web cookie12 months


Fully public areas of the Team Locum site may display social media content, which can, if your browser permits the use of third-party cookies, set/read additional cookies. Although this may change in future, at present social media display is confined to the Twitter feed in use on the Team Locum blog. The feed will potentially set/read the following cookie…

NameSource and NatureLifespan
metrics_tokensyndication web cookie6 weeks

For more information on Twitter’s privacy arrangements and sharing practices, please see the Twitter Privacy Policy.


Team Locum has added contact and application facilities for its new, permanent jobs division. It’s important for you to know that these specific contact facilities, along with our Contact Us form, use email to transmit your communication to the Team Locum office. Please take into account the fact that email is not a secure, encrypted means of data transmission when using these contact functions. This applies to all email-based online contact, and is not specific to Team Locum.

For training and quality monitoring purposes, all incoming and outbound calls with Team Locum ltd are recorded. This allows us to ensure we are providing the very best services to both our clients and locums, and provides us resources to utilise in the ongoing development of our services.

The Team Locum website is administered by Team Locum, as located at 1st Floor, 3 Regal Court, 8 Sovereign Road, Kings Norton Business Centre, Birmingham, B30 3FJ.