Signing up

Q: Does it cost to sign up?
It is absolutely free to sign up and we take nothing from the rate you receive!

Q: What documents do I need when signing up?
If you are a Pharmacist you will need your GPHC number, NI number, some form of Photo ID, DBS and indemnity insurance.

For Optometrists you will need GOC/ OPL number, NI number, some form of Photo ID and indemnity insurance.

We will also need two references for both professions!

If you need assistance at any point of the registration process our registration team is available on 0121 451 2707 or via email at [email protected]

Q: Can you help me get a DBS
We can indeed! We offer a full DBS service for all positions.

Q: What if I don’t have all my documents right now?
This won’t be an issue, our registrations team can help you through the sign up process while you get them.


Q: What kind of rates can we expect?
The rates are entirely set by the store and can vary based on location and Practice. However our trained consultants are on hand and are happy to negotiate on your behalf.

Q: Where are your shifts based?
We are UK wide, so we can work around and to your schedule and preferred rate! 

Fancy a working holiday? We can accommodate you.

Q: How is Team Locum different?
You often hear companies tout their service, we can honestly say we are more than just an app. There are a lot of fly by night agencies that seem convenient but can come with problems down the road. With 20 years experience in the field and an ever growing team of trained consultants to deal with any issues you may have. we can help you with anything, we have seen it all!

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