Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the website, its integrated app, and the use of personal data within the operations of the company Team Locum Limited, as located at the address below…

1st Floor, 3 Regal Court,
8 Sovereign Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
B30 3FJ

Tel: 0121 451 2707
Fax: 0121 647 6213

Hereinafter, “Team Locum”, “we”, “us” and “our” will refer to Team Locum Limited, as identified above. A capitalised “IT” will refer to Information Technology, and will relate to computer systems storing and processing data.

For training and quality monitoring purposes, all incoming and outbound calls with Team Locum ltd are recorded. This allows us to ensure we are providing the very best services to both our clients and locums, and provides us resources to utilise in the ongoing development of our services.


In summary…
We do not share your personal data with any parties other than those who must access it in order for us to fulfil our role as a healthcare agency.

The privacy of all healthcare staff, clients and site visitors is critically important to Team Locum. We only collect personal data that is necessary for our company to operate as a competitive business, and we are strictly committed to maintaining the confidentiality of that data to the fullest extent realistically possible.

This Privacy Policy outlines the type of data we collect, why we collect it, how the data is stored, and who has access to the data.


The Team Locum website is divided into two parts:

The public site (

The app (

There follows a breakdown of how the privacy arrangements work across the separate components…


In summary…

If you’re only visiting our site, and you take no deliberate steps to provide us with information, we will not collect, or attempt to collect, any personal data from you. We do, however, use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Team Locum’s public site is open to any Internet user with the facility to load its pages. It uses standard web cookies, which are small text files placed on, and read from, your computer or device. For details of the type of cookies involved, please refer to our Cookie Information Page.

Via the publicly accessible website, Team Locum may, with your full knowledge and consent only, collect personally-identifiable information from you. For example, on our Contact pages, you may be asked to enter your name, your email address, and/or other contact information, along with a message. Team Locum will collect and store the information you provide, for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry and, when applicable, improving the Team Locum service. We strongly recommend that when you provide information via our Contact pages, you do not add any sensitive data, such as bank details.

Our blog commenting form will also collect the information you enter (which may include any personally-identifying information you choose to add), and forward it to us for potential publication. We reserve the right to publish and or/edit any blog comment you submit, or not to publish it, without giving any reason for our decision.

All Team Locum site users should be aware that anything submitted to Team Locum via a contact form (which includes the blog comment form) will provide Team Locum with the user’s IP address, and where applicable, the email address they have provided. We do not specifically collect IP addresses, but we do not delete them until a message is no longer needed, and is accordingly deleted.

In summary…
If you take steps to interact with us, we will only collect and store the data you intentionally give us, along with the IP address of the internet access point you used.

Team Locum does not collect any personally-identifiable information via the public website unless you complete a contact form or a blog comment form. In other words, we do not track, or attempt to track your personal identity across the publicly accessible areas of the Team Locum website, unless you take specific steps to interact with us.


The Team Locum website provides links to some third party websites. The intention of this is to assist site visitors in gathering relevant and useful information. However, Team Locum cannot be responsible for the upkeep of external websites, and makes no guarantees that any external links you click will be safe at any given time.


The Team Locum App is only available to users who have signed up or are in the process of signing up with Team Locum. You can tell if you’re using the App by looking at the web URL address in the address bar or your browser. If the address in the address bar begins with “https://app.teamlocum”, you’re using the Team Locum App. If the address begins with “http://www.teamlocum”, you’re using the public area of the Team Locum website.

The Team Locum App uses its own cookies, in addition to those you’ll encounter on the public site. Again, you can find details of these additional cookies on our Cookie and Privacy Information page.

In order to serve its purpose, the Team Locum App personally identifies users.


In summary…

When you use the Team Locum App as a client, the booking requests you make will be displayed to the widest range of relevant, Team Locum-registered locums.

When you log into the Team Locum App as a client, you will be recognised as the person managing the establishment(s) for which you’re eligible to request locum cover. Team Locum will have set up your name and establishment data within the app, based on the information you’ve supplied to us when signing up as a client.

When you make requests for locum cover using the App, your requirements will be automatically submitted to Team Locum’s internal office staff, so that they may arrange the cover you need. The staff will need to liaise with Team Locum-registered locums, and pass them details of your request for cover. Details of your request will also be made available to Team Locum-registered locums who are using the App to find work. This is so that your requests may be accommodated in minimum time, and reach the widest possible range of relevant, available locums.

Team Locum does not place your locum request information in the public domain. It is only furnished to relevant locums, who are fully signed up to Team Locum and have satisfied the requirements of our verification and referencing processes. It is in every locum’s terms that they are not at liberty to pass details of internal matters (including booking / booking request data) into the public domain. However, in using the Team Locum service as a client, you accept that if a locum should breach this condition, Team Locum cannot be held responsible or liable for any consequence of the locum’s breach.


In summary…
If you commence the process of signing up with Team Locum, we will store the data you give us. But we won’t ask you for any data we don’t strictly need.

The information you supply to us is stored in the UK, both in paper form and in electronic form.

Team Locum’s internal electronic management system is accessed only by Team Locum and its IT/security provider, and maintained by the software supplier, who may also need to access some data in order to carry out maintenance tasks or resolve faults. When the software supplier/maintainer requires data for maintenance purposes or to correct a fault, it must approach Team Locum for permission to access the data, and it will delete the data from its own local system once the issue has been resolved or processed.

The Team Locum website interface is electronically synchronised with our internal database, and thus in most cases carries a copy of some, but not all of the data we hold internally. In order to access data via the Team Locum website, a healthcare worker or client MUST have an authorised login. Once logged in, that healthcare worker or client will only see data that is relevant to them, and necessary for them to effectively communicate electronically with Team Locum.

All healthcare workers and clients using the Team Locum app are strongly advised to set a secure password (comprising at least 15 characters and including both letters and numbers), and to avoid giving anyone else access to their login details.

The security of your data is something Team Locum takes very seriously. We use a specialist company to help us keep your data secure and well-protected.


In summary…

When you commence the Team Locum sign-up process, we’ll collect and store the data you give us, on the basis that you are intending to source work through us.

When you initiate the locum sign-up on the Team Locum site, we begin collecting the data you provide.

As a locum or permanent healthcare staff member, you’ll be asked to provide Team Locum Limited with some personal data. Team Locum only collects data which is required by law in order for us to place you with a client, and which is necessary for the running of our business. The data you’re asked to provide will include your name, address, contact details, and professional information. Team Locum will request copies of your essential professional accreditation certificates and your identification. You will also be asked to provide referee contact details.

Please be aware that in entering referee details during our online sign-up, you are giving Team Locum permission to contact the referees you cite, exclusively with regard to your suitability for the role as a locum in your specific field.

What happens after you commence your sign-up will depend on whether or not you complete the registration process.


In summary…

If you haven’t completed the online registration forms and we don’t hear from you within six months of your initial sign-up date, we will normally delete the data you supplied, but you are welcome to commence the sign-up process again at any time.

If you only complete part of the application process, we will usually retain the data you’ve entered for six calendar months, on the assumption that you still intend to complete the process and register as a locum. This means that when you next log into, you’ll maintain your place in the application process, and if you’ve uploaded documents, you won’t have to do so again. In normal circumstances, if, after six calendar months, you have not either completed your application, or informed us that you intend to complete your application, we will delete all of the data you entered. If this happens, you will still be at liberty to apply again, from scratch.

If you have only part-completed a Team Locum application, Team Locum may contact you in order to establish whether or not you wish to complete your application. So that you may make a better informed decision, we may give you an idea of the type of work we’re currently sourcing. If you indicate that you do not wish to complete your application, we will delete all of the data you supplied within 30 days of your notice. We’ll need to be able to verify that a deletion request comes from you, rather than from another party. Typically, this will involve you calling us via the telephone contact number you provided in your sign-up, or writing to us via the email address you provided.

If you tell us you intend to complete your application, we will retain the data so that you can pick up your sign-up where you left off.


Your data will be retained for a period of up to 1 year, on the basis that you have expressed an intention to work through the agency. If, during this period, you have not worked a booking and you wish for your data to be deleted, we will delete the electronic data and shred the related paperwork on your request. You should know, however, that if we delete your data on request, you will no longer be eligible to work through us unless you again undergo the registration process in full, including referencing.


In summary…

When you initiate the sign-up process with Team Locum, you consent to receiving email from us, and only from us. You can instruct us not to send any further email at any time. If you do, we’ll suspend this communication until you tell us otherwise.

Team Locum uses email to contact locums with information about available bookings. We assume that locums want this communication, and we regard it as necessary in the optimisation of our business operations. Therefore, we set up email distribution for all locums by default. In initiating the Team Locum sign-up process, you agree to receiving emails relating to available bookings. However, you may opt out of receiving bookings-related emails at any time, by emailing us at [email protected], or calling us on 0121 451 2707.

We may also email you during the registration process, which begins when you submit the first page of the sign-up. The purpose of our email at this stage will be to keep you informed about the status of your sign-up, to establish whether or not you wish to complete it, and/or to make you aware of any work opportunities we are able to offer. If your registration is deleted before you complete it, you will not receive any further email contact from us.


In summary…

We do not work with advertising partners.

Team Locum does not pass on healthcare workers’ or clients’ data to any third party unless it is essential for us to do so in order to…

  • Facilitate a specific work placing for a locum or permanent healthcare worker.
  • Comply with a legal or regulatory process.
  • Keep our IT systems running correctly and/or resolve technical faults.

Setting aside any exceptions listed above, the data you supply to Team Locum will only be used for the purpose you intended when you supplied it. Team Locum does not have any advertising partners. Our IT support is UK-based, and your data is strictly stored in the UK only.

The third party companies maintaining and supporting Team Locum’s IT systems are required, from time to time, to access areas of our systems which contain data relating to clients and healthcare workers. The companies themselves do not store our databases. However, to resolve system faults, they may need to access specific records, which will personally identify our healthcare workers, or reveal data our clients have supplied to us. Where client- or staff-specific accounts have developed technical issues, the companies managing our IT systems may also keep a record of those accounts. However, Team Locum will only give its IT support enough information to identify the fault, and the data will strictly be used only for the purpose of resolving that fault.

Team Locum is additionally working to import more technical resolutions in house, and continues to reduce the number of technical issues requiring third party assistance.


In summary…

You must not make public any non-public information which you learned through Team Locum.

In signing up as a Team Locum healthcare worker or client, you warrant that you will strictly maintain confidentiality regarding any and all data which you obtain through Team Locum.

This includes, but is not limited to…

Information a client would learn about a healthcare worker. For example, their whereabouts, or the professional accreditations they possess.

Information a healthcare worker would learn about a client. For example, the frequency with which they request cover or staff, or the rates they offer.

In summary, our Privacy and Service Terms strictly prohibit both healthcare workers and clients from making public any information they would not have known had they not signed up with Team Locum. You accept that any breach of this confidentiality requirement, or publication of non-public data, is liable to infringe another party’s data protection rights, and that as a result, you may become liable for any financial losses caused by such an action.