Terms & Conditions


Team Locum Limited offers locum services to numerous types of client and Terms and Conditions are tailored to meet their individual requirements. So if you wish to discuss Terms for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Optometrists or Dispensing Opticians then please call us on 0121 451 2707 and we’ll be able to provide you with all the information you require. Or you can email us at [email protected] and we’ll deal with your request as soon as possible.


Locum Client Terms and Conditions

Permanent Client Terms and Conditions


Our guidelines and terms are available when you sign up to the Team Locum App, or you can view them here:

Alternatively, you can contact us on 0121 451 2707 or email us at [email protected] and we can send you a copy of any of these documents.

General Information

For training and quality monitoring purposes, all incoming and outbound calls with Team Locum ltd are recorded. This allows us to ensure we are providing the very best services to both our clients and locums, and provides us resources to utilise in the ongoing development of our services.

GDPR 2018 Outline

Agreement with the Terms & Conditions relating to both the use of teamlocum.co.uk and to working on placement through Team Locum’s recruitment services is also agreement to fully comply with GDPR 2018 (effective as of 25/05/2018). Failure to do so, within any capacity that is related to Team Locum, will result in litigation.

Any communication between Team Locum and registered locums is private, and not to be shared without the permission of all parties involved. All information disclosed regarding shift rates, practice and staff details, and all other related topics is not to be shared publicly, in accordance with GDPR 2018. If this agreement is broken, any fines incurred will be the responsibility of the guilty party, and Team Locum holds no responsibility for locums who breach this confidentiality agreement.