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Locum Life

Why register as a locum pharmacist during pre-reg year

June 20, 2019

. The end of your pre-registration year is looming and the wonderful world of work is just over the horizon. So where do you go from here? Some of your peers might have already secured full time employment, some might be considering locum work, and others might not have a clue about what they plan […]

Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Locum – Alternative Edition

May 28, 2019

As your ‘go to’ locum agency we thought it was important to inform you of the things you should know before becoming a locum Pharmacist or Optometrist. So last month we wrote a post detailing all of the necessary, but boring stuff. Now we’ve been through all that it’s time to educate you in the […]


Come rain, hail, sunshine, or Saturday we have had a dedicated professional arrive daily without fail, it is a truly first class service!

Nick Gompels, MRPharms, Warndon.

Thank you for finding me a booking at such short notice and so near to home. Just want to say I really appreciate all the hard work that Mark and everyone else do into making these bookings.

Zafran Ilyas – one of our locums.

With a client-base of 10,000+ and a pack of hungry locums over 5,000 strong, come and get cracking!

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