A Permanent Role 9 Things to Know!

When looking into taking a permanent role, there are many things to consider!

Will I make as much money? Will I have as much freedom? What will I need? Who can help me?

Here is our list of 9 reasons to take a permanent role and things you should know when taking them!

1) Our Scope and range;

Permanent Role, should I stay or should I go now?

You might think that we only deal in permanent optometrist jobs or permanent pharmacist jobs but we actually have a wider scope than that, to name a few you can be a… pharmacy manager, support pharmacist, pharmacist, optometrist, optometrist assistant, dispensing optician, nurse, practice nurse, nursing and care, carer and Manager.

Now there are a lot more but my fingers hurt and I’m sure you need to take a breath, check out our permanent roles page to see how much of the country is covered!

2) Can you still locum?

Permanent Role Can you still locum?One of the things we get asked a lot on the permanent side is if you can Locum or not, the answer, thankfully is yes!

Now there are some restrictions in place with some companies. some, if you work for them in a full time capacity you wont then be able to locum for them. Others after you leave your permanent role, wont then allow you to locum for them for a period of time.

Much like a snowflake, each company is different and that is the only way they are like a snowflake. My point is each has a different set of rules in regards to permanent jobs to locum work, so if you’d like to know more get in touch!

3) consistency, no more worry

One of the things that can sometimes worry a locum pharmacist or a locum optometrist is where your going to work. Meeting new people and dealing with new systems, we in permanent recruitment aim to alleviate this stress.

This one sounds pretty obvious (permanent position means permanent work). Well it is pretty obvious but it’s true and one of the major draws in people taking permanent roles through us.

4) Interview ready

Get your glad rags on its time for an interview! Permanent Role

Interviews can be a nerve-racking experience for the most fool hardy of individuals so there is no shame in being nervous.

Now, we both know how fantastic you are! You will just need you to show the potential employer just how fantastic you are and why they would be lucky to work with someone of your calibre! We can help… to a point, while we would love to be in the interview room with you we can’t.

We can offer advice and information to help you impress and give yourself the real WOW factor.

5) Less Admin, Less Headache

Less Admin, Less Headache Permanent Role

If you have started life as a locum you will be well aware that there is an incredible amount of tedium and fluff you have to do on top of an already difficult and stressful job.

While we do our best to alleviate the stress and do as much of the admin as we can there can still be a considerable amount to think about.

Now if you take a permanent role, your focus will be 100% on the Job. No more driving aimlessly in search of an employee car park… then when you do find it you get a parking fine because they didn’t pass on your plate. No more travelling cross country and no more erratic shift times to worry about. Plus IR35 will be a thing of the past

6) Some Good References

Going into a permanent pharmacist job or permanent optometrist job from being a locum may be quite jarring. Something that will keep you in good stead will be some top notch references, these can be from a whole host of people that have worked with you or you have worked for!

You will certainly need them for the interview process, they are invaluable. Plus getting lots of people you know to say great things about you is a lovely little ego boost. Just saying.

7) That’s a bit personal!

Here at team locum we like to take a more personal approach to things, we want to give you the opportunity for the employer to get to know the applicant and the applicant an opportunity to get to know the employer!

It’s very much a two way street, you are going to be spending a lot of time together so it helps if you like each other, we don’t want to appear in court two years down the line because the environment was too much and someone snapped…

Would get me out of the office for a bit though… no mustn’t think these things!

8) We help you get the DBSPermanent Role

A DBS is necessary and a bit of a nuisance to get but our recruitment agency is on hand to help. Our DBS service is fast and effective and is just another step we add to help ease some of the stress and take some of the hassle away!

This is what we have always done with the locum team and thankfully in permanent recruitment it is no different. Our admin team, along with Chris and Grant will be on hand to help you every step of the way to get to get you into permanent pharmacist jobs and permanent optometrist jobs… well, any permanent role really!

9) Salary, fulltime/ part time, room for growth?

These are a couple of questions we get asked when looking to find people work, the salary for someone in a permanent role does vary quite a bit. It depends on location and position, we are always as upfront as we can be and will always work with you to get the most from your permanent role.

We offer both fulltime and part time roles, and there certainly is always room for growth with the right people in the right positions!

I hope this was of some use to you, or you took some pleasure from my ramblings and we all sincerely hope to work with you in the future!