Permanent recruitment – A Team Locum Subsidiary

Permanent recruitment a subsidiary of Team Locum

When you think Team Locum what do you think of… Locum pharmacists and locum optometrists right? I mean the clue is in the name after all! Even if you don’t your mind probably doesn’t jump to permanent recruitment.

Well we hope to change that! So if you find yourself cursing your alarm clock, snoozing 4 or 5 times before you get up. You tell yourself “I’m just not a morning person”, we have all been there at one point or another, the truth is… there’s no such thing, there are people that like and dislike what they have to do. If this rings true then maybe it’s time for a change, we offer a wide range of placements that will hopefully make you a morning person again.

Permanent recruitment a subsidiary of Team Locum


It can almost be a hinderance to our permanent recruitment division that Team Locum has already built such a big name as a pharmacy locum agency and an optometry agency a rod for our own backs as it were.

Chris Port

This is why we have enlisted Chris Port, a man with many years experience in the field who has come in and hit the ground running.

With dedication and a duty of care to all candidates and clients he is already placing people into permanent pharmacists jobs and permanent optometrists jobs!

He wont just send out and email and check Indeed like most permanent recruitment agencies, his follow up procedure is second to none and he will do his best to find you a permanent role or a suitable candidate for your business.

His partner in crime? The Robin to his Batman? The… Paul to his Barry Chuckle, I lost it there a bit.

Anyway, its Grant Smillie, if you have worked with Team Locum before you will have definitely spoken to or at least heard of Grant.

He has worked for years with locum optometrists and locum pharmacists, finding them work locum work all across the UK, now it is time for him to use his many talents in sourcing for our permanent recruitment division.

His years of experience have already come into play when sourcing permanents candidates and the jobs they are looking for.

We have a wide database of clients, including a substantial amount of Locums, many of whom are looking for a move into permanent roles, we provide market leading compliance. This means you can be sure you will only be getting the best permanent optometrists and permanent pharmacists.

We also work with our candidates throughout the process of moving from locum work to permanent jobs, or if they aren’t a locum, from one role into the next!

If you have any questions, both Chris and Grant are available over the phone on 0121 451 2707 or via email: [email protected], [email protected]