Keeping up with the locum agency

How a locum agency can help you keep up to date.

Keeping details such as your DBS and indemnity insurance is imperative for both a locum pharmacist and locum optometrist.

As a locum agency we are sometimes subject to checks and if you are out at work and the locum agency that booked you in doesn’t have record of this it can cause… complications.

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So how can we help you keep up to date? As your locum agency we thought it would be a good idea to have a crack team of admin, compliance and registration that are always watching!

So once an accreditation gets to the point when its going to expire, they will contact you to let you know that we need to get this sorted. In terms of the Indemnity insurance we can point you in the right direction (though I’m sure you know where to go).

Smartcard, we can contact your local RA, get locum access on there for you! The whole shebang as it were

Now for the big one… as your locum pharmacy agency, we can help you with your DBS. Check out how below.

How a locum agency can help you with the Disclosure and Barring Update Service

Thankfully it isn’t too complicated a process that we are sure you will all have no issue getting through,

Before you start the process please ensure you have your required ID documents to hand.

You need to email us, we will then submit your name and email address, you will then receive a link to complete your application. It will then come through to us for review, once that’s completed it get sent to the Disclosure Services.

You will need 3 ID documents to apply for your DBS check. The most commonly used ID documents are passports, driving licences, birth certificates, and bank statements, however there are several other ID documents you can use to apply for your DBS check.

At least one of your documents will need to be in your current address. If you are unsure which documents to use, please feel free to drop our admin team an email by clicking here.

You will then need to email us with your name and we can get your application started, once your application has come through we will verify your documents and then we play the waiting game…

The update service!

The update service makes life so much easier, its only £13 pound a year and after you get on it you dont need to think about getting a DBS check again.

We do understand that you are busy, busy, busy so if at any point you do need assistance with this don’t hesitate to call. We have a trained admin department on hand. Not to mention our host of recruitment consultants that will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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