Locum Optometrist locations

We have seen a surge in demand for Locum Optometrist, particularly in locations we don’t typically see such a demand!

Obviously, the usual places still have demand, Birmingham, London, Manchester all the central and bigger cities. The demand in these areas has always been massive as well as their surrounding areas.

What has changed though is Optometry Locum Work in locations like Surrey, Kent, Norwich. The more rural areas where we historically just didn’t have the demand, that are now actively looking for locums like never before!

A brief list of locations we are seeing an increase in demand for Optometry Locum Work (some rural, some more central)

The areas we have noticed the most traction are areas like;

Red Hill
Tunbridge wells
Hemel Hempstead

Locum Optometrist work, why now?

So what’s changed?

Throughout the pandemic, we noticed a lot of people changing career paths, with more people both moving in to and out of the Locum Optometrist field!

Of course as an Optometry Agency it is important for us to find the best locums and the best work and help them find each other!

So why have practices in the more rural locations started requesting locum pharmacy dispenser work?

It could be a combination of all these things, with their residents moving on and their just being fewer locum pharmacy dispensers in the area.

Of course the surge in people wanting the freedom of locum work means that the amount of people looking for permanent positions has dropped off. That’s not to say that has happened completely, as Grant is still hard at work placing optometrists, pharmacists and all things healthcare across the UK

So if you are looking for locum optometry work, please give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through the process!

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