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Using an Optometry Agency – Through the eyes of Grant Smillie!

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Finding employment off your own back is fantastic.

If you have the network yourself and are already in contact with all of your larger chains, your smaller multiples and your independent stores around you then realistically unless you’re moving away you wont need to use a recruiter.

If you’re in the position where you’ve just qualified though, or you only have direct contact with a couple of people here and there then it’s absolutely beneficial for you to use a recruiter.


Well why waste your own time.

9/10 recruiters will be in contact with as many businesses as possible in order to maximise work load. This is purely down to the fact that they have to sometimes and especially true in a market such as Optics whereby it’s very heavily candidate driven.

So as an optometry agency it’s our job to call each individual store in and around your surrounding area, this is the main reason I’d recommend using a recruiter like myself to help you get your foot in the door easier and quicker.

Can you still locum through an optometry agency?

One of the things we get asked a lot on the permanent side is if you can Locum or not, the answer, thankfully is yes!

Now there are some restrictions in place with some companies. Some, if you work for them in a full time capacity you wont then be able to locum for them. Others after you leave your permanent role, wont then allow you to locum for them for a period of time.

Much like a snowflake, each company is different and that’s the only way they are like a snowflake. My point is, each have a different set of rules in regards to permanent jobs to locum work, so if you’d like to know more get in touch!

Can we help you?

You might think that we only deal in permanent optometrist jobs or permanent pharmacist jobs but we actually have a wider scope than that, to name a few you can be a… pharmacy manager, support pharmacist, pharmacist, optometrist, optometrist assistant, dispensing optician, nurse, practice nurse, nursing and care, carer and Manager.

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