How to deal with customers (Satire)

We have all been there, be it retail, food, for that matter any facet of the service industry we have all witnessed or if you are unfortunate enough been at the brunt of a rude customers wrath.

We are more than certain the same is true and then some when working in pharmacy and optometry.

So… how can you deal with them?

Probably not the smartest way Pretty effective though

Before going an further, we are not liable if you take this truly awful advice!

Most of which is coming through the anonymity of the internet so take from that what you will.

“Remain calm, be that stoic figure then kill them with kindness was always my go to” There’s no better feeling than when the customer is forced to walk away in a huff to the sound of “have a nice day” forced through the widest, fakest smile I could conjure.

If they do ask to speak to the manager, the worst they can say is, “they were being too nice to me and I didn’t like it”

How much change is too much change?

Well you could be like our next example and stick to the smallest denominations of coins possible, how many 1 and 2 pence pieces can you hand out before they question if that really is all you have in the till?

Still, it has to be satisfying watching them pour coin after coin into their purse or wallet and hear the jingle out of the pharmacy or optician contemplating what to do with it all!

Rude at the till? Hmm, maybe that script is further back than you initially though… hey, sometimes these things can take an extra 10, 20 minutes. Who doesn’t want to see them stew for a bit. Petty, sure. Satisfying, absolutely.

What other things can you think of? We will keep adding things for customers as we go

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