Grant Smillie, head of permanent recruitment agency


Why choose Team locum as your permanent recruitment agency?


We sat down to interview Grant Smillie who heads up the permanent recruitment agency within Team Locum to find out


Some of you may have spoken to him before some might not have done. For those of you that haven’t done, he now runs our permanent healthcare division.


We sat down so that we could give you an idea of what you can expect from him and his team.


So from a client perspective, what can you expect from Grant

Firstly you can expect regular contact, were not going to leave you high and dry wondering what’s happening with the vacancy.

We work around you, if that means scheduling meetings around your work load that’s fine, if it means ad-hoc calls that’s also fine, whatever works best for you, works for me You can expect us to headhunt, we wont just let your job to sit on the job board.


We will headhunt, we will upturn every rock to make sure we find the right person. Lastly, you can expect constant contact and constant updates, even after the process is finished.


All the way through the process we will be in communication, but even afterwards well make sure everything is going smoothly. If not we will intercede where we need to


So what can you expect for us from a candidate perspective, we aren’t here to force you into any job. You need advice, we are here to help with that.


Whether or not that is full time, could be part time, you could be looking for one day a week, two days a week,


You could be looking for community work, could be private work. There’s obviously a whole array of options that you might be looking for, maybe you have thought about it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t we are here to help.


If you need anything though, pick up the phone we wont talk about jobs, just about what you need.

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