Payment Queries – Locum Payment Guide

Wondering how to query your locum payment?

The last thing you need as a busy locum pharmacist or locum optometrist is worrying about your locum payment. This is why at Team Locum, we try to do as much of the legwork as possible.

Obviously we are always reachable over email or the phone, but if you are more inclined to use our website then we have an option for querying a payment online.

The first step, as you would probably be expecting is to log in. Once you have managed that you should be on the dashboard, which looks like this.

From here you can see your closest bookings, and vacancies that have been recommended to you. Hopefully you wont need to query an upcoming booking but they can be accessed by clicking the link.

To see all locum bookings you have worked previously. Which is what this feature is primarily for, you can click bookings at the top this will bring a dropdown giving you the option to “search vacancies” or “my schedule”.

locum payment

This will take you to a page that looks like the one below (without as much redacted information).

locum payment

To access the shift you want to query, simply click on the desired shift. This will take you to a more detailed overview of the shift and will have a link listed as “payment query”

Processing your locum payment query

locum payment

This will be on the right hand side of the page on your desktop and down the page slightly on all mobile devices.

This will bring up a dialogue box, asking you to detail the payment query and then you will be able to submit.

This will come directly to us, from here we will be able to pick this up, contact everyone we need to and get the payment query dealt with as soon as possible.

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