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Agency Care work Birmingham – The view from our carers

Rebecca: Working in the care industry is a very rewarding job. Every day is different and although it can be challenging at times knowing you are helping assist someone to live their life to their fullest potential makes it worthwhile. I enjoy making my clients happy and helping in anyway possible.

Temitayo: Being a carer has thought me to be more patient, empathetic and very caring. Also just being that perfect human for someone else’s emotional and physical being, not just your my own.

Karen: I have been a carer for 16 years and I have learnt so much throughout my career and continue to learn with each passing year. Being a good carer takes dedication, hard work and a desire to improve the lives of people you care for.

Trinity: For me being a carer is to provide the best level of service for your patient, to treat them almost as you would treat a family member or a loved one. It can be challenging at times. However, it’s a very Rewarding job.

Kerresha: Being a carer is about trust and respecting the person in needs humanity by creating a safe place for them no matter their illness or disability, that’s what I love about being a carer.

Agency Care work Birmingham – Permanent care agency work

These are sentiments we have been hearing throughout the care community and people looking to get into the care industry.

Our permanent care agency have been working with both our current carers and carers looking for care work in the UK, trying to help find the perfect roles so they can provide this vital, caring and fulfilling work.

If you need any help working in care or are looking to hire a care worker please do get in touch with [email protected]

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