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What the staff of a Locum Agency have to say

Grant wanted to let us know that “I’ve been with Team Locum for the last 7 years. I joined as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant having no prior experience in the industry.

I suppose in a way I got lucky with the type of company I was joining because, and this doesn’t solely just apply to the recruitment industry, a lot of companies promise the world and never deliver. Over the last 7 years I have worked my way up the ranks from Trainee to Recruitment Consultant to Senior Recruitment Consultant to Account Manager and now I am running our Permanent Division.

Every step of the way has been supported by the Directors and they really have made me feel a valued member of the team. Clear progression has always been laid out to me and each step has been attainable. There is also a great level of support from top down.

Alongside this, and possibly this has been one of the most important factors for me, I personally have been supported throughout my 7 years here; things which just go way above and beyond. This is possibly the biggest factor that’s kept me here, the Recruitment industry is ever changing and because of that it’s ever recruiting – anyone who works in the industry will attest to how many messages they likely get a day, but no where will be able to provide me with the personal support which Team Locum have done.”

Lucy was happy to say “Friendly, welcoming and very supportive place to work, helped me gain extra qualifications and experience.”

Kyrie beamed “The reason I like working for Team Locum is the many different characters you come across, being able to make meaningful relationships with clients and optoms where conversations can expand beyond what day they can work or what shift they need filling, you can actually get to know people you haven’t necessarily met face to face.

Team Locum has help grow leadership skills and management capabilities, not in terms of managing people but managing individual tasks knowing the time to allocate to certain tasks. It has made me an overall more confident, professional consultant.”

Mark said “I have been working with Team Locum for 4 years now, and its been a great 4 years.

I started out as a trainee to now being the manager of the compliance and Admin team, Team locum have is a great place to work, everyone is welcoming, we are and the office is very much based on the ‘Team’ in Team Locum, we support each other and no one is ever left out.”

What about people that work with our Locum Agency?

“When it was obvious I needed help for my husband I called on Team Locum. They met me in our home and assessed our needs with a review of me and my wishes. Later that day they visited him in hospital. Within 24 hours they were ready to welcome him home. We have in place now for over a year, a regularly reviewed care plan with people who treat my husband with the very best care and dignity. The team also see to my needs and reassure me daily that we are doing the best we can! “

“Our daughter has cerebral palsy and has learning and physical disabilities. Her life has been transformed because of the dedication, professionalism and commitment of the care staff who look after her day to day

Her life is organised according to her needs now – she has input into everything that goes on every day. She is happier, more chatty and involved in all planning of her care. Her carers support her to achieve her full potential which has meant that her life is much more meaningful than previously. They assist in her physiotherapy on a daily basis which has improved her physical abilities considerably.

During the coronavirus pandemic they have supported her emotionally and psychologically so that she can not only cope but enjoy her life in these testing times”

“We would like to thank Team Locum Nursing and Care for their continued support in providing us at Breach House with hard working, reliable and well equipped care staff. The care Staff provided to us are all very well trained and have varied experience which is essentials in this sector.
The majority of the time they have been able to provide staff to cover shifts either planned or at short notice. They keep us well informed and updated regarding our shifts request.”

“I have worked for Team Locum for over a year now and in that time the staff have always been very supportive and accommodating when it comes to hours we are working and any problems we have.

They have very high standards when it comes to care work but are always on hand and happy to guide you through the process which makes it an enjoyable experience to work here.

The Staff in the office are always very friendly and happy to see you, we are not just employees to them the treat us like they treat the service providers.”

“I have worked with Grant for more than 2 years now and since the first point of contact he has found me the best and most convenient work available. This is aided because we have a good working relationship and anything I’ve needed help with he has been able to provide an answer/solution to.”

“Grant helped me find the perfect role available for what I was looking for. He took the time to understand me, listening to both my personal and professional needs which meant he could get a few tailored options across to me. Because I was urgently searching for a role, we were able to get the interview dates pushed to as soon as possible and he provided me with regular contact and updates from there.”

“I have a wonderful working relationship with Grant and over the past three years I have built a trust with him which has allowed me to leave my diary open for him to book in what shifts he knows I will want. If there have ever been any problems with any of my dates, then he has been on hand at anytime to help answer and sort these out. Team Locum are my go-to for locum work and I’d recommend them to anyone looking on either a locum or permanent side!”

“Excellent locum agency. Highly recommend. Since being qualified, I have had nothing but support and professionalism by this A team. Kyrie and Paul have always gone the extra mile as well as other members of staff I’ve had the pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for an agency that will get you the rates, root for your success and listen to your needs – sign up already”

“I first registered with Team Locum as a Locum Optometrist back in 2017 and I’ve never had a problem dealing with them. Anytime there was an issue with being double booked etc. Team Locum always fought to make sure I was paid as the problem was usually on the optician’s booking side. My main dealings have been with Paul Jeffs and Kyrie Samuels and both have always made a big effort in making their emails as personable as possible and making sure I felt looked after!”

“As soon as I qualified as a pharmacist I signed up with Team Locum and WOW! what a fantastic experience. Beginner’s luck as a pharmacist? I don’t think so! – Friendly and professional service from confirming a booking through to dealing with queries after. Cannot fault these guys. Keep up the good work. A special thanks go to my man Mitch :)”

“Having used Team Locum both as an employer and also as a locum I can categorically say they provide an excellent service. Team Locum respond quickly to any correspondence and are friendly and helpful. As a client I found Team Locum do a great job supplying locums. As a locum I have found Team Locum to be fantastic for finding work. I have found the online availability calendar to be really useful.”

“Team Locum have a genuine approach to customer needs, they are an enthusiastic and reliable bunch with a ‘can do’ attitude. They make my job as a pharmacist coordinator genuinely more straightforward. Their determined nature makes them one of the best providers of Locum Pharmacists in the business”

“I’ve been with Team Locum for almost a year now and I find them a wonderful locum agency to be signed up to. They are brilliant at finding you regular locum work and are very engaging to try to get you the shifts that suit your needs throughout the year. There’s always a friendly voice on the other side of the phone to help you get as many shifts as possible and also help you with work related issues. An outstanding locum agency!”

“We have used Team Locum for many years because they provide such a great service. Always there on the end of the phone, always cheerful and lots of lovely locums. Thanks very much for your excellent friendly and efficient service.”

“I’ve been working through Team Locum full time for the last couple of years. I’ve had more work than ever before and it certainly has improved my work/life balance with more local work compared to previous agencies I worked for. Their staff have always been friendly and very helpful in finding convenient shifts and chasing up outstanding payments. I highly recommend them.”

“Being a locum in Birmingham I was concerned about the level of work that I might be able to get from an agency but Team Locum regularly fill my diary week in week out with work in locations I want to travel to, that aren’t too far from home, as well as managing to get me a competitive rate all year round”

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