Editing Locum Shifts On the fly

A guide on Editing Locum Shifts already on the system

As soon as you log into the website you will be on the dashboard. At the top of the webpage you will want to find the bookings dropdown menu, from here you can add new locum shifts and see the ones uploaded by either yourself or us! Click view bookings to get to the correct page!

Locum Shifts

This will take you to a page that looks similar to this, obviously without your pertinent details taken out!

Find the shift you want to be changed and click actions.

Locum Shifts

This will give you the option to both edit and delete shifts, click edit and it will take you to the next page!

Locum Shifts

From here you can edit every facet of the locum shift you have on the system, if you have multiple practices be that locum pharmacy or locum optometry. It will give you the option to change the locum shift from one practice to another.

It will also give you the option to edit your dates, times, rates, lunch times and if you offer accommodation.

When you click update vacancy, it will then update automatically on the website and our internal booking system, we will get an alert through to us that this has happened and the consultant in charge of your area will get working on it straight away!

Locum Shifts

That concludes our guide to Editing Locum Shifts

We are constantly updating our website and have a lot more planned, keep checking the video page to see more that has been added!

Of course we are always open to suggestions so feel free to email or call in through our regular channels!

This is of course in addition to our regular personal service rather than a replacement, we will always be more than just an app!

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