Pharmacy Locum Guides

Boots and Lloyds pharmacy locum guides

Pharmacy Locum Guides
Pharmacy Locum Guides

Boots Pharmacy locum guide

  • Before booking a shift, register on, they will send a link to the payment set up.

  • Send an email confirming that you have registered on locumatboots to [email protected]

  • You will need to make sure you have summary care records, discharge medicine service and be on the DBS update service

  • Mileage and other expenses are unpaid, lunch breaks are specified by the client

Lloyds Pharmacy locum guide

  • Firstly, you will need to get registered on venloc


  • Email your consultant with your name, email address and GPHC. They will send this to Lloyds venloc and the sign up link will be emailed to you.

  • Mileage will need to be agreed prior to a shift, Lloyds pay 25p per mile, minus the first 60 miles capped at £10

Tesco and Superdrug pharmacy locum guides

Pharmacy Locum Guides
Pharmacy Locum Guides

Tesco Pharmacy locum guide

  • Register on Tesco’s locum platform before your first shift, email us for the link!

  • Follow the steps on the link to get fully registered.
  • Pay mileage as standard at 28p perm mile after 40 miles uncapped.

  • Lunch break will always be unpaid 30 mins for any shifts over 6 hours

Superdrug Pharmacy locum guide

  • Before your first shift give your consultant consent to send your name, GPhC, number and email address to Superdrug.

  • You will then get a link to add proof of ID and bank details

  • Mileage needs to be pre agreed before your shift is confirmed

PCT and Rowlands pharmacy locum guides

Pharmacy Locum Guides
Pharmacy Locum Guides

PCT Pharmacy locum guide

  • PCT covers Peak, Manor, C&R, Brennans and Murrays

  • Before your first shift, give your consultant permission to send across your full name, GPHC, number and email to PCT

  • You will then get a link to complete your registration.

  • Mileage is not paid for.

  • Lunch breaks vary from store to store

Rowlands Pharmacy locum guide

  • Ask your consultant for a new account amender form and locum agreement

  • You need to also send DMS, DBS, smartcard, summary care records and repeat dispensing over

  • Mileage is paid, 30p perm mile after 20 miles uncapped
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