Locum Optometrist – Accreditations Update

The need for a Locum Optometrist to have a DBS

Most of our clients that use a locum agency for optometrists have recently informed us that they will require all new locums to have a DBS when signing up. (your DBS needs to be an enhanced certificate and be on the automatic renewal service for us to use this)

Of course obtaining one is a very simple process. One that we have been assisting locum pharmacists with for over 10 years now.

How to get an enhanced DBS check through Team Locum

Here is a condensed “how to” (to get the full details email [email protected] and our reg team will get the ball rolling)

  1. Email [email protected] with your name, your Email address and your GOC number requesting that Team Locum conduct an Enhanced DBS check on your behalf.

    We will submit your application to Disclosure Services (the company we use) and they will email you with a link so that you can complete the form online.
  2. Then email the agent that got in touch originally with the documents you have decided to use and they will verify the documents (if you are not local to our offices in Birmingham)
  3. You pay the fee of £60 to Team Locum
  4. We then submit your form confirming we have verified your documents and can take between a few days up to 60 days to get the results. Currently they are coming through quite quickly – within a 7 – 10 days, but this varies, as there is no set time
  5. Disclosure Services email us with your results and post your Enhanced Certificate to your home address.

We then recommend that you join the DBS update service within 30 days of receiving your certificate.

The annual fee is £13.00 but it means that any employers you choose to allow access can check your DBS status.

The need for a Locum Optometrist to have safeguarding and more!

Select clients are also asking for us to provide then copies of valid professional indemnity insurance certificate and copies of adult and children safeguarding certificates.

This will be the case working with any locum agency and this is becoming essential for getting optometry locum work with many of the major clients in the industry as well as independent chains

If you have any questions about the accreditations needed for you to complete locum optometry work or the specific accreditations needed with certain Optical practices , please do give us a call.

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