Why use a locum pharmacist independent practitioner or clinical pharmacist?

As demand for health care grows the need for more specialised positions increases with it. The role of clinical pharmacist in general practice (independent prescriber) in these settings has become more important.

The knowledge of pharmacy staff on medications as well as their ability to prescribe without consulting another prescriber is paramount. It vastly improves access to care for both patients and healthcare professional.

Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacist independent prescribers can bring top notch care and efficiency that benefits any practice.

We are noticing the demand for clinical pharmacist in general practice increase all the time. Both in terms of patient facing and supporting medicines, the benefits of using independent practitioners are vast. Pharmacist working in general practice can and are deploying their skills to people that really benefit from it

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The benefits of using a clinical pharmacist/ pharmacy independent prescriber agency?

There are many reasons to use an independent prescriber agency, first of all an pharmacy independent prescriber agency will be able to look at your schedule and work to that. You will be able to keep track of the dates you are working easily and have them all in one place.

No fuss, a lot of your admin is done for you. If you ever have a problem on shift or have questions regarding working with ourselves or with locums in general then going forward we will be here to help you every step of the way.

A major benefit of working through an agency is that we are willing to negotiate on your behalf, so for both the locums and clients we will be able to help find the best possible solution for both parties.

We source the right locums for you, and for the locums we find the best practice suited. This encompasses our overall goal as a pharmacy independent prescriber agency, we try to find the best healthcare professionals for the best practices.

Why choose Team Locum as your clinical pharmacist/ independent prescriber agency?

What differentiates Team Locum from the vast majority of other Locum GP agencies is our online registration which is the most in depth of any other agency in the country. Our compliance is the standard by which many of our clients measure other agencies by.

Our customer service is second to none, while many agencies tend to be a platform in which you book shifts we take pride in the fact that we were created by healthcare professionals and are ran with those principles in mind.

With a 7 day a week service, open from 7am every day and closing at 10pm we are always on the other end of the phone for when you need a locum GP. The service is design for when you have a last-minute sickness at your practice or if the regular GP isn’t available.

As well as our customer service and our compliance we also have one of the biggest pools of locum pharmacists in the industry, with many having already taken or in the process of taking the qualification to become a locum independent prescriber.

Want to register your interest in sourcing a locum independent prescriber?

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