Clinical Pharmacists – A growing trend

We have touched on many of these topics before so we thought it is best to have an all encompassing post dictating the how’s, whys and when’s of becoming a clinical pharmacist!

Clinical Pharmacists

Why become a pharmacist independent prescriber?

Beyond the fact that the wealth of work as clinical pharmacists will give you opportunity to earn more and work more often. The skills of pharmacist independent prescribers/ clinical pharmacists can help the NHS workforce and ease the pressures they are facing, specifically emergency care and primary care.

How does a pharmacist gain an independent prescribing qualification?

In order to start your career as a clinical pharmacist, you will need to attend a GPhC-accredited course. Once you have successfully completed this course you will be able to request addition to the register.

What is the role of pharmacist independent prescriber?

A pharmacist independent prescriber/ clinical pharmacists working within general practice can prescribe any condition within their clinical knowledge. Though this does currently exclude three controlled drugs for the treatment of addiction.

How much do pharmacist independent prescribers earn?

Working as a clinical pharmacist in general practice can expect to earn up to £59,000. Independent prescribers can earn more than this, with salaries ranging from £30,000 to £100,000 or more. This is based on information gathered in 2018, so keeping in line with inflation and the demand rising we can expect this number has risen significantly.

Where to find pharmacist independent prescribers?

Almost 15,000 pharmacists are now registered independent prescribers, many of whom are already registered with Team Locum but may not know we assist with the sourcing this kind of work!

We have practices looking for locums and employed positions as well as pharmacists looking for work and you better believe we are constantly recruiting!

How to enquire about Clinical Pharmacists and independent prescribers

We have multiple ways to apply, if you are a clinical pharmacist yourself then you will need to apply in the normal way and select pharmacist. Once through let your assigned consultant know you are an IP and they will start working away on sourcing you work!

If you are a practice looking for either a locum or an employed position, you can register your interest here or you can contact Mitch directly at 0121-451-2707 or email [email protected]

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