A Helpful Guide – Discover AI when applying for Healthcare Agency Positions

agency healthcare roles

AI is a bit of a hot topic at the minute and the possibilities are seemingly endless, while we might have a few years before Skynet takes over and Arnie has to keep us in line there are a few things you as job seekers can take advantage of.

What can chatbots write for you when applying for agency healthcare roles?

One of the main questions we get asked is how to format a CV, what information to put and where to put it. Structure is something these AI chatbots can help with.

While we as a healthcare recruitment agency can help with your CV and tailoring it to the position you are applying for, the base structure can be done fairly professionally, if not a little… robotic.

It can help with things like writing the dreaded (and sometimes unnecessary) cover letter. It is by no means perfect, and in some parts down right awful so you will have to reword parts and tailor it a bit to you and the position you are applying for, but as a base it is very helpful.

Check out the cover letter I asked it to write for a Pharmacy technician position.

agency healthcare roles

For about 10 seconds work, that is an incredible base line to go off.

So can AI technology help you with your job search? The short answer is yes, absolutely. Writing CV’s and cover letters for every role you are applying for, AI can absolutely help you source a healthcare role.

But it can’t do everything, holding opinions and sourcing positions on your behalf are very much things only people can do (thankfully).

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