A Locum Agencies Duty of Care, More than an App

What really separates locum agencies? I mean they are a dime a dozen nowadays, to really see what separates the wheat from the chaff you need to look at what most have in common.

The short answer being technology, anybody and everybody can have an app nowadays and they all more or less do the same thing.

It’s why, when choosing a locum agency you need to look beyond the glitz and glamour of a shiny app that AI powered words promise to be the next big thing to “revolutionise your experience”.

That’s why when creating our app, we wanted it to compliment our service as apposed to replacing it. It’s all well and good saying that, but the proof is in the pudding.

So what separates our service from the rest?

What benefits do we offer a Locum?

Being a locum can be daunting, you are constantly going from place to place, meeting new people, offering different services. So what do you need more than anything?

Information, we have been in the industry a very long time. A long the way we have learned a thing or two about Pharmacy and Optometry, from the services you need to provide and how to acquire them to the practices themselves.

Little things that most wont even think about, like where to park, when and where you can have lunch. Things that do nothing other than enhance your experience while working.

It’s all Gone Wrong!

There is the possibility that something goes wrong, we are on hand to deal with any issues you may have. We have the contacts and the experience to help you out of a bind, and if we can’t we know someone that can.

But some issues are untenable, we know cancelling a shift is your absolute last resort and not done lightly. It is also not something that is very nice to deal with, that’s why we do this on your behalf. We do just ask for at least 24 hours notice if possible.

So, what happens if something happens and its after five, have we all gone home? Have we reduced ourselves to a catatonic state? Don’t fear, we have an on call service that runs from 7am to 10pm, 365 days a year. Ready and able to deal with anything that comes in.

Money, Money, Money. It’s so funny

Before any of this is relevant you need to actually book the shift, and there’s the small matter of payment. Since we started 20+ years ago money has been a hot button topic and for some negotiating the rate can be uncomfortable.

Which is why we are more than happy to negotiate the rate on your behalf, we will always be up front and honest so both parties can be happy.

Speaking of money, often things can happen. Papers can be lost, ones and zeros can be swapped. So if you do ever find something seems off at the end of the month, our team have always chased payments for locums.

You are a healthcare professional, the last thing you want to deal with is calling practices up and down the country asking for money. It’s why we see it as an essential service a locum agency should offer.

Am I Qualified?

Different practices have different criteria, there are so many services out there it’s hard for one person to keep up. From NMS, DMS, CPCS to Flu and Hypertension, we know the services and the board certified programs to help you acquire the documents you need to maximise your chances of living your best locum life.

Now one document everybody needs is an enhanced DBS, a service we provide in house and at cost. If you do need an enhanced DBS click below to find out how.

Pharmacist DBS
Optometrist DBS

Locum shifts at the source.

All of this is well and good, but you need to find a practice and a service you are happy doing. This is why we find out about you and your needs, so that we can source you something that suits you.

We don’t like the idea of just putting shifts on the system and hoping for the best, we want to work with you. That’s where that “personalised” service comes in.

You tell us the what’s, how’s, when’s and whys and we will get to work finding you something that fits you.

Clients working with Locum Agencies

The main role of a locum agency is to fill locum shifts (shocker). This may sound obvious it can be done to varying degrees of success.

From the standard of communication to the candidates being sent across, we do more than put shifts on the system and mindlessly send names and emails over.

Living up to our standards

Team Locum works with you and the Locum Pharmacist/ Locum Optometrist to find out what you need. Working with you to make sure we only send you the most suitable candidates.

All of this is to save you time, money and stress, which sounds like a bonanza to me…

You can also rest assured that all of our locums are vetted, and are up to date and ready to work. There is a requirement for two clinical references so that the locums we work with are the crème de la crème.

Part of this is working with you to ensure they are providing the services you require and if they aren’t getting those candidates up to standard as quickly as possible.

What if it all goes wrong?

On the rare occasion that you have an issue with a candidate or locum our consultants are experienced enough to get to the bottom of it and mediate anything on your behalf.

If it is out of office times then the on call starts at 7am and goes to 10pm. This is 365 days a year so any time, weekday or weekend one of our consultants will be available.

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