Pharmacy dispensers and pharmacy first?

It may not sound like it at first but pharmacy dispensers can play an important role within a practice when it comes to pharmacy first.

It is a hot button topic at the moment and the main issue for you as a practice owner is an addition to your already busy workload.

Which means that you as a pharmacist and practice owner are going to be under more strain than ever before, the added services required from pharmacy first are going to take up a lot of your time.

That’s time that you should be looking after your and your practices needs, time that you may lose to do a lot of the minutiae and day to day jobs, these job being just as important to running your practice as any other. 

So, what can you do when you feel this strain and your in need of help? And why should your go to be pharmacy dispensers?

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What can they do?

To start we should discuss how pharmacy dispensers support you in practice. The obvious being with the preparation and dispensing of medications, that’s a given but what else do they do?

Their responsibilities can include, labelling bottles and compounding medications. Carrying out administrative duties and keeping detailed records, Gathering, organising and assessing patient information, including electronic patient records. 

Engaging with patients and customers to answer their questions and offer advice, Liaising directly with healthcare providers and patients, taking an inventory of drugs and placing orders to maintain stock. 

Along with pricing medications, preparing billing information and completing patient sales and transactions for over-the-counter medications.

pharmacy dispensers

Easing the burden…

With all this in mind, you can see how dispensers can ease some of the burden and let you focus on the big stuff right? 

Having that extra set of hands will mean you have someone that will help patients, process prescriptions efficiently. 

That quality assurance alone is enough to ease some of the pressure felt, allowing you to focus on delivering these services.

Yes you can get in a relief pharmacist but if what you are looking for someone to help with administrative tasks then hiring a pharmacist dispenser is a viable option.

Not to mention that if you do decide to source either a locum pharmacy dispenser or you are looking for an employed position that we already have thousands of pharmacy dispensers looking for work on our job board and locum database.

To add to this we find on average, a 40% increase in response rate when sourcing a locum pharmacy dispenser than a relief locum pharmacist.

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