How to work as a locum optometrist

How do I register as a locum optometrist?

Registering on our platform is the first step in your locum journey, it’s understandable to wonder how easy or difficult it may be.

There are a lot of agencies out there seemingly offering the same thing, but what sets us apart is our customer service and attention to detail.

When signing up, you will need proof of you GOC and OPL number, your indemnity insurance as well as two references. Now this may sound like a lot but our dedicated registrations team are on hand to help you with this process from start to finish.

You can start your application here

You will then need to enter your basic details such as name, DOB, email and home address. (Selecting optometrist as your profession) If you are using the app you will be taken to the home screen, at the top of this page you will see a disclaimer, informing you of what you need to upload next.

This will be your contact details, work status, basic practice requirements and referees. The details of which will be outlined in the next section.

What Documents does a locum optometrist need?

Starting with basic practice requirements, this will be your GOC and OPL number, you will just need to enter the respective numbers, upload proof of your qualification. This is a long with your indemnity insurance and passport.

You may also wish to upload additional documents such as CUES, MECS, Pre & Post Cataract checks, GERS. These will be extremely useful for our team when sourcing you work.

Your contact and location should be mostly filled in, with it being your address, name and email.

The nationality and work status will include your right to work (being a UK national will require no additional information to be uploaded) as well as your national insurance number. You will then be asked to declare any disciplinary or fitness to practice issues.

The last thing it will ask you for are two references, their name, job title, phone number and email. Once your references have come back and details filled in you are all signed up and ready to go!

Applying for shifts

Now that you are signed up you can start applying for shifts.

Under the bookings tab, there are two options “my schedule and “search vacancies” if you select search vacancies you will be able to filter by date, travel distance and town and city.

From here you will see all of the shifts in the areas selected, of course if there is anything you are interested that you don’t see then you can get into contact with your recruitment consultant who will be able to help.

Booking shifts

There are a few ways to book shifts through team locum, our website, via email over the phone or on the app.

The website and the app are intrinsically linked, so the method is the same and whatever you apply for on one will be visible on the other. For a detailed walk through click here

The process is simple, once you have searched vacancies following the method above you can click on a shift that you are interested in. This will give you a detailed description of the shift, and the option to apply if you are happy with everything or the ability to negotiate the rate or time of the shift. 

Locum Optometry rates

So, how much does a locum optometrist earn? 

The rates are dictated by the clients and obviously will vary when it comes to location and the duties needed and how busy the practice is. But on average, last year locum optometrists were earning £300 per day, which is £37.50 per hour and £77k per year.

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