An in depth guide on Locum Optometrist Payment

Information on Locum Optometrist Payment and how payment systems work with each company.

As a self-employed locum, it is important that you keep close track of what money you are due from bookings that you’ve worked for different clients. Every time you accept a booking with a client you’ve not yet worked with through Team Locum, we recommend that you ask for details of their payment process After making a booking, always check the rate of pay and the hours of work are correct on your work schedule.

Locum Optometrist Payment through our clients

Payment Summaries

Clients that you will work with that have no Initial sign-up process, just need to leave an invoice in branch after your completed shift.
Armstrong & North
Costco Opticians
Hakim Group

Boots Opticians

Ask your consultant for a link to the Boots Locum/ payment sign up. Once this is filled out the consultant need to approve this, you should be registered within 10 days.

Payment is Automatic once signed up, payment terms are first working day 2 months After. ( i.e. if you worked 15th Jan, you would be paid first working day in March)

John Lewis/ David Clulow

Once you complete your shift, you need to email across an electronic version of there Invoice template to [email protected]

Marks and Spencer Opticians

At the time of booking your first shift, send to your consultant if your PCSE Registered, OPL Number and if you have worked for Scrivens before.


At the time of booking your first shift, send across HMRC details to your consultant, so this can be sent across to Scriven’s. Leave an invoice in branch after your shift or email to [email protected]


You will need to download the SEP portal app, you will then need to submit invoices through the app to the relevant Specsavers store

Vision Express

Contact your consultant, and they can send you a link to register with VE. Once the contract is signed you will receive a signed copy to your email, you then forward this to back to your consultant and they will follow up on  completing the rest of the process.

The Consultant will then notify you once your registered and can book VE shifts. All VE Payments are processed automatically through the VE app once you are registered.