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Team Locum, Care agency… has a nice ring to it!Team Locums Care Agency

Who are our care agency?

Here at team locum we have spent years cultivating relationships and building a reputation in other sectors, we have been growing as a care agency for some time now. Not to mention our good rating from the CQC, cheeky humble brag there.

We have spent time creating the right team and perfect carers to suit a whole host of services. To name a few, (take a deep breath now) the services we offer include…

24 Hour Care, Adult Home Care, Personal Care, Cleaning Service, Companionship, Dementia, Domestic Services / Home Help, Elderly Care, High Dependency Care, two carers attending, Laundry Service, Learning Disability, Medication Assistance, Mental Health Condition, Palliative Care, Personal Hygiene Care, Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment. Phew… got through it!

Now these are just some of the services we can offer and our ever expanding nursing and care team are on hand to help! (If you’re interested in becoming a carer keep reading we will get to that) While we aren’t solely a nursing and care agency we do have a dedicated team that is focused entirely on Nursing and Care that strives to become a homecare agency you can trust.

Onto the Team You may have spoken to one of our in office care agency staff, Charlotte, Charlotte (which can get confusing). If not, give one of them a call, they’re always on hand to help you if you need a carer or are a carer in need of help, like always. We aren’t joking 24 hours a day, They rarely sleep… I worry for them!

In all seriousness though, they do take it in turns to man the on call service that is always available should you need help while on shift, they are all trained and qualified so can answer and talk you through any queries you may have.

Why become a carer through a care agency?Why become a carer

It’s always a tough question when people ask you what you want to do… but the clue is kind of in the name, if you ask any of our carers why they got into the profession the answer is usually the same. They genuinely care…

It sounds a bit cheesy but in these trying times it is nice to have a bit of cheese, though I would understand if you couldn’t camembert it. Was that too forced? It felt forced, my cheese puns aren’t that gouda.

But if you want to help people, if you want to be a force of good in times that have so much bad then being a carer might be a good option for you! It gives us great pleasure as a care agency to match carers up with people that need their help!

care agencyWhere are we?

We are based in Kings Norton, in the business park, scarily close to a kfc, mcdonalds and a greggs.

Lunch’s on a diet are a struggle.

While we are a care agency Birmingham, our service is provided throughout the midlands and we are always thinking about expanding so you never know, we could be coming to an area near you!

Of course you can always contact us with whatever query you have!

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