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What is a Pharmacy Dispenser?

A Dispenser supports a Pharmacist with the dispensing of prescription medications. Their role involves ensuring that prescriptions are filed correctly and delivered to patients, alongside handling the sales and customer interactions. They also handle anything coming into the pharmacy, maintain stock of prescription medications.

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Why become a pharmacy dispenser

Pharmacy dispensers help the community they work in, as part of a working pharmacy team you will help people with their issues and assist in getting the right prescriptions to the public.

There are also a variety of learning opportunities within a pharmacy, branching plenty of medical and practical in store studies.

It’s also a great career opportunity with plenty of room for progression, with the right qualifications that can be done in conjunction with working you can go up the ranks within the pharmacy. A lot of pharmacists in training chose to work as a locum pharmacy dispenser whilst they study.

As a locum pharmacy dispenser you will have freedom to pick when you work and where you work. Working with a pharmacy dispenser agency means you can do this with minimal stress

How to become a locum pharmacy dispenser

to become a pharmacy dispenser you will need a dispenser NVQ level 2, a course that is recognised by the GPHC and will take roughly 12 months to complete.

Pharmacy Dispenser rates

pharmacy dispenser rates can vary from practice to practice but at the minute we are seeing an average of £10 – £12 P/h but can also climb to around £14 depending on the circumstances.

Why work with a pharmacy dispenser agency?

Sometimes the locum life can be stressful, either work isn’t coming in as much as you would like or maybe you are working too much! Either way it can be tough.

That’s why working with an agency like Team Locum can help, we have trained locum consultants that work with you to help you achieve your goals. We aren’t just another app with a calendar that tracks your days our consultants work with yourselves and the clients to get the most suitable arrangement for both parties.

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  1. I am currently working as a full-time relief dispenser. I am looking for some locum work as a part time dispenser. I have got 9 years experience in the pharmacy, also I have got NVQ 2 in pharmacy dispensing which I did through Buttercups.

  2. I am currently looking for part time work. I am nvq level 2 in pharmacy services qualified through buttercups and have worked in a dispensing gp practice for the past 16 years.

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