Working as a locum pharmacy dispenser

locum pharmacy dispenser

Working as a locum pharmacy dispenser through Team Locum is quite an easy process

There are a few different ways you can go about signing up, which we will go into throughout this post!

Why now though? Our locum pharmacy dispenser desk is growing faster than ever, with our new recruitment consultant Deborah at the helm we are looking to continue this and help dispensers across the UK find work!

So, how do you become a pharmacy dispenser?

Studying Pharmacy?

Did you know that you can work as a locum pharmacy dispenser while studying to be a pharmacist?

Good news, you can! You will need no other qualifications either, as long as you are studying pharmacy you can work as a locum pharmacy dispenser.

Earning good money whilst gaining valuable work experience. So instead of working in the Uni bar, why not sign up to Team Locum today!

So, why choose us? Team Locum are a healthcare agency with over 20 years’ experience, specialising in locum placements across the UK for both Locum Pharmacy and Locum Optometry.

We have been approached by our clients who are looking for locum pharmacy dispensers across the UK, with an immediate start.

The hours and working days can vary and fit within your schedule should you only be available for certain days of the week.

The position is also on going so we are looking for a number of candidates to fill our client’s request.

The working hours can range from between. 7am – 11pm.

You get to pick your shift pattern, so you can fit it around your schedule. We will work around your calendar and help find the work that best suits you!

To sign up as a dispenser, head on over to

When you are going through the process it will ask for a few documents, some you may not have (as you wouldn’t need them) you can instead enter proof that you are studying pharmacy and we will take it from there!

What do you need if you aren’t studying pharmacy?

According to the General pharmaceutical council: “Pharmacy support staff training involves completing a GPhC-recognised qualification, a GPhC-recognised apprenticeship pathway, or a GPhC-accredited training course”

A link to these courses can be found here:

We have found Buttercups to be a common accreditation used when getting a dispenser NVQ level 2

What are the pharmacy dispenser rates?

Locum pharmacy dispenser rates can vary from practice to practice but currently we are seeing an average of £10 – £12 P/h but can also climb to around £14 depending on the location.

What can you expect while working as a locum pharmacy dispenser?

If you want more information on working as a dispenser, check out our blog on what to expect while working as a dispenser:

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