Locums on the frontline

Locum on the frontline, Key workers one and all Its been a long and gruelling year has 2020, certainly for a locum. We came into it with such hope it would be better than 2019 but its been a real kick in the… lets go with teeth for us all. But it doesn’t get much […]

Combating Loneliness as a Locum Pharmacist

Combating Loneliness while doing locum work According to studies, up to 40% of self-employed people say they have felt lonely since deciding to work for themselves. It’s a figure that’s hard to ignore and as a locum optometrist or locum pharmacist it’s likely that you will come under that self-employed bracket. So what can you […]

A Permanent Role 9 Things to Know!

Permanent Role, should I stay or should I go now? When looking into taking a permanent role, there are many things to consider! Will I make as much money? Will I have as much freedom? What will I need? Who can help me? Here is our list of 9 reasons to take a permanent role […]

Permanent recruitment – A Team Locum Subsidiary

Permanent recruitment a subsidiary of Team Locum When you think Team Locum what do you think of… Locum pharmacists and locum optometrists right? I mean the clue is in the name after all! Even if you don’t your mind probably doesn’t jump to permanent recruitment. Well we hope to change that! So if you find […]

Reporting a Cancellation to your Locum consultant

Reporting Sickness and Cancellations to your Locum consultant! It’s getting to that time of year again when the nasty bugs start striking us all down. We know that sometimes you won’t be able to make it into work.  For us to deal with sickness and cancellations effectively your locum consultant must know about them in a […]

New Features On The Team Locum App

Here at Team Locum we’ve been very busy making some changes to our locum app. We’ve listened to your feedback and added some great new features to the locum app as well as making it much more user friendly. In other words, we’ve redesigned the Team Locum app just for you!       So […]

About us

  We are a Pharmacy and Optometry Locum agency that specialises in providing Locum Pharmacists and Locum Optometrists to companies nationwide whilst also supplying Permanent roles, General practitioners, carers and nurses   We are currently in the process of doing a considerable push on recruiting Healthcare Assistants to expand our Nursing and Healthcare division- so watch […]