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Contacting us

  • Team Locum are available from 7am – 10pm weekdays
  • 7am – 1pm weekends
  • Our office is open from 7am – 4pm, with an on call service running until 10pm
  • You can email general queries or concerns to [email protected], this is monitored by all our staff.
  • We are available on 0121 451 2707
  • You will also be contacted via SMS from the number 07537415546 (this number is not monitored)

Securing bookings

There are four ways to apply for shifts

  • Website – once you have signed up with team locum, if you visit you will be able to search and apply for vacancies. For a detailed guide on how to do this click here
  • Phone – We regularly call locums to offer shifts on days you have marked yourself as available. you can see how to do this here. You will also receive text messages detailing shifts.
  • Email – When we receive an update from our clients, we immediately send the shifts out to all locums and begin to upload them to our website.
    Shifts are sent to us at differing times during the day, so you will receive emails throughout the day. If you keep your availability up to date, we can send you more tailored emails and call you about shifts in your area on days you are free
  • App – We now have an app, which are downloadable for Android and Apple devices. It works in much the same way as the website but if you have any more questions about it you can email [email protected] or call us on 0121 451 2707
  • Once a booking has been confirmed it will show on your online calendar, this will be on both the website and app detailing location, timings and the rate. It will show as green, pending bookings will show as grey.
  • You will also get an automated work schedule including the details of all confirmed shifts from that date.

Leaving the best impression with clients

Once you begin taking shifts, your professionalism, diligence, and teamwork are the most important elements in gaining you future bookings.

  • Timekeeping – Always arrive in advance of your shift, so that you have time to get yourself acquainted with the setup of the Pharmacy and what is expected of you by the time your scheduled shift starts.
  • Be prepared to be flexible – On rare occasions, clients may ask that you move to another practice within a short distance of the original store. It creates a great impression if you can be amenable to reasonable swaps.

Getting paid

We are very keen that all locums who work with Team Locum Ltd are paid swiftly and accurately by our clients.

  • As a self-employed locum, it is important that you keep close track of what money you are due from bookings that you’ve worked for different clients

  • Every time you accept a booking with a client you’ve not yet worked with through Team Locum, we recommend that you ask for details of their payment process

  • After making a booking, always check the rate of pay and the hours of work are correct on your work schedule. (Any queries can be answered by your consultant)

Payment summaries

  • Allied Pharmacy – Sign up and Upload Invoice onto Mileage not paid as standard must be agreed before a shift
  • Boots – Once registered with Team Locum, send an email to [email protected] to get registered with Boots , confirming you want Team Locum as your primary agency. You will need to make sure you have Summary care records (SCR), Discharge Medicine Service (DMS) and be on the DBS update service. Mileage or other expenses are not paid at all, Lunch breaks are stated when specified by the client.
  • Badhams Pharmacy – An online platform your consultant can send to you. Mileage is paid £20 flat after 40miles round trip. Any Lunch breaks are unpaid
  • Cohens – Register as a locum at; Mileage 28p per mile excluding first 20miles
  • Day Lewis – Ask your consultant for a link to their online platform. No Mileage paid

  • Independents – All have their own operating procedures, please ask your consultant about any payment methods, mileage lunch breaks, as they will vary store to store. However most stored will request you to leave an invoice in store or email your invoice to Team Locum

  • Lincolnshire Co – op – Leave an Invoice in branch. Mileage 28p per mileage minus first 40miles. Capped at 100miles

  • Morrisons – Send an invoice across to your consultant, Including bank details and NI number after you complete a shift, payment comes via Venloc. Mileage would need to be agreed before the shift

  • PCT Healthcare (Peak, Manor, C&R, Brennan’s, Murrays) – Before your first shift – give consent to your consultant to send across  Full Name, GPHC number, and Email Address to PCT, you will then receive a link to their online platform, they don’t pay mileage in any case Lunch breaks vary store to store always unpaid.

  • Rowlands – Ask for a New Account – Amendment Form and Locum Agreement You also need to send DMS, DBS, Smartcard, Summary Care Records and Repeat Dispensing Mileage is paid 30p per mile after 20 miles uncapped

  • Small Multiples – All have their own operating procedures, please ask your consultant about any payment methods, mileage lunch breaks, as they will vary store to store.

  • Superdrug – Ask your consultant for a link to their online platform – give consent to your consultant to send across Full Name, GPHC number, Email Address across to Superdrug, you will then get a link to add proof of ID and Bank Details Mileage needs to be pre agreed before your shift is confirmed.

  • Tesco – Before first shift – register on Tesco Locum platform, link available on request. Follow the steps to get fully registered. Pay Mileage as standard at 28p per mile after 40 miles uncapped. Lunch break will always be unpaid 30mins for any shifts over 6hours

  • Well Pharmacy – Ask your consultant for New Starter Forms, Locum contract and GDPR Declaration Documents needed are – DBS, DBS update service screenshot, Indemnity Insurance, NHS Smartcard, Dementia Friends, Repeat Dispensing, Safeguarding Level 2 and DMS

Working with different clients

We work with a raft of different clients, all of which can be seen here.

If there are any clients that you would like to work with but don’t see here you should speak to your consultant for further information.