Invoice Generator (Optometry Locum)

If you’re working at a smaller optometrist, which doesn’t have a set invoice template, you may, at times, find providing your own invoice a little inconvenient. For years, Team Locum has offered a basic template for locum optometrist invoices.

But such a template still needs to be printed out, and carried by the optometrist. So, as technology marches forward, we thought we’d try to help a little further, with a simple, interactive invoice generator. Once you’ve entered your details, this page will do the calculations for you, and create a formatted invoice which you can then print, save, and/or email to a client.

Creating your invoice is easy. Click here to open a form and enter the relevant details. When you’re ready, hit the “Make invoice” button.

Team Locum

Should a Locum Agency Be Run By Healthcare Professionals?

More than ever in entrepreneurial circles, it seems, there’s a belief that anything is possible. Business is, after all, a world bursting with a self-fulfilling prophecy. Proclaim it; live it.

As one Derek Trotter would have said: “He who dares, wins“. But is setting up and running a healthcare locum agency really that simple? Is it true that any old smooth-talker with a computer and a telephone can make a success of such an agency? I mean, provided the locums are qualified and know what they’re doing, that’s fine… Isn’t it?…

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