Looking for Carer?

Whether it’s for yourself or someone close to you its hard to ask for help, that’s why we are here. At Team Locum Care we want to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible.

We are in the office 9-5 Monday to Friday on 0121 433 2595 and we offer an out of hours service should anything arise that you need!

We have a healthy team of carers that genuinely care! So, give us a call to arrange a meeting, this can be over the phone or in person and is mainly to gauge your needs and wants so we can facilitate them to the best of our ability!

Once the meet and greet has been done we will contact you and the next step of the process will be explained to you! This mainly entails finding the right carers to send to you!

Team Locum

Should a Locum Agency Be Run By Healthcare Professionals?

More than ever in entrepreneurial circles, it seems, there’s a belief that anything is possible. Business is, after all, a world bursting with a self-fulfilling prophecy. Proclaim it; live it.

As one Derek Trotter would have said: “He who dares, wins“. But is setting up and running a healthcare locum agency really that simple? Is it true that any old smooth-talker with a computer and a telephone can make a success of such an agency? I mean, provided the locums are qualified and know what they’re doing, that’s fine… Isn’t it?…

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